Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Special Time With My Oldest

With the addition of Mason, and then the most recent addition of baby Kendall, it's been harder and harder for me, Frank, or both of us to steal some alone time with just Connor & Merasia. It's really important to us to make the extra effort to have one of us go off and do something fun with the twins, or for both of us to be able to go take the twins together to share some time without the littlest ones. There was a time that Connor and Merasia were the center of our world and got all of our attention, even if they did share a little with their twin. It's a big adjustment with their little brother and little sister being a part of the family now, so it's important to make every effort we can to make time just for them.

With that said, yesterday was a semi rough day for all of the kiddos (and thus, on mama too!), so when daddy got home, he stayed home with Mason and Kendall and got dinner prepared, while I took Connor and Merasia to a local park for a little walk and some nice alone time.

They had so much fun! It was very low key, but they had a great time pointing out and laughing at our shadows as we walked, looking at the trees that had fallen down from a recent storm, checking out the water, pretending to be quiet so the bugs could stay asleep, and seeing some dogs that were walking and playing around the park too. Frank and I actually got married at this park, so that was a nice little story to share with the twins, too. 

It was such a nice time, even though it wasn't a very long walk. I know they enjoyed the time away from the house and their younger siblings, I enjoyed a little break from these same four walls, and savoring time with our oldest babies. I look forward to many more times like these!

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