Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer Days

I think the rain is FINALLY done for now! We thought it would NEVER stop raining, and we would never see the sun, beach, or outside again!

With the onset of the sun coming back, and the higher temps, we have been making the most of it and soaking up the summer as much as possible! We have done a few beach trips, picnics, dinners outside, and lots of playground time!

Last week we hit up the playground a few times with some friends, and Thursday night planned a beach trip when hubs got home from work. We packed up dinner to have when we were there, and just had a great time hanging out, swimming, and playing with the kiddos.

On Friday of last week, Merasia had to go in to our local hospital and get some work done on her teeth. She had a great deal of early decay, and the easiest way to get the work done was to have her be put under general anesthesia and have the dentist get everything done and fixed and she would never remember a thing, and therefore, not be traumatized by the dentist. It was a long day, but the boys were at daycare so hubs and I just had Kendall while Merasia was in getting her work done, and it was kind of nice to spend some time just the three of us, and before and after Merasia's procedure, it was nice to spend some one on one time with her and Kendall. It really got me thinking about the need for us to spend one on one days with each of the kids, or at least the two older kids, once or twice a month. It benefits them and us, so it's a win-win situation if we can make that work. The staff at the hospital were amazing! I knew they were good at our local hospital, but actually seeing them in action with my own child was so comforting. They joked with her and comforted her when needed as if she were their very own child. They made the process fun and exciting for her, so she wouldn't be scared. She got to keep her hat she is wearing in the photos, and they gave her a goodie bag of a coloring book and activity pad, crayons, various stickers, and a cool new pink race car tooth brush that she just LOVES! Merasia was a champ before her procedure and afterwards. She was pretty tired for a while after, and a little cranky at times from not feeling well from the anesthesia and her throat was a little sore from the breathing tube, but by dinner time she was a little better and even hogged down 4 pieces of daddy's homemade pizza at dinner! She was up a few times that night, but by the next morning, was 100% back to normal!

The next morning we slept in a little bit, and then packed everyone up and headed back to the beach for the day! It was a complete blast! We had lunch there and just hung out and played in the water and on the beach!

On Sunday, we hung out around the house and played outside while daddy helped his friend and co worker out with some things he needed to get done on his vehicle. We had some lunch, the kids took a nap, and then we headed off to the local playground with our friend/neighbor, and her almost 2 year old son. It was SO hot but the kids had fun and it's always good to get out of the house and pass the time! :)

Finally, on a different note, we had Kendall's newborn photos and new family photos done last weekend, and have a sneak peak to share! I cannot wait to see the rest of these photos!

I hope you're having as awesome a summer as we are! I know there are many, many more days of fun, sun, beach, and memories to be made for the rest of this year, and I cannot wait to experiences many more with our family! Feel free to share your summer fun plans or activities in a comment below! :)

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