Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Reno Rose Review & Giveaway!

I know that breastfeeding is one of the most natural things in life, but that still doesn't take away my slight uncomfortable-ness with nursing in public uncovered. It's just a personal thing to me. When I nursed Mason, I had a cover from a different company that I liked, but sometimes it got too hot as it was thicker material, and the back was completely uncovered so when I was wearing a regular shirt instead of a nursing top, my whole back was completely seen and bare and that made me uncomfortable too, with my post pregnancy body. The previous cover I used also only had one use, and that was simply as a nursing cover, it could not be used for anything else.

In my search for different nursing accessories, I stumbled upon Reno Rose. They create innovative and unique fashion accessories, and one of those is Pirose Nursing Cover/Scarf. 

I received one of these, in the Emily pattern, for my review.

First off, let me just say how much I LOVE this pattern and the material in general! It's SO light, flowy, and airy!

This cover/scarf came in a cute little zip up pouch, and inside that pouch, was a cinch top little pouch in matching fabric to the cover/scarf itself. This makes it very easy to fold up and throw in a diaper bag or purse to go everywhere you need to go!

Looking at the photos of this cover/scarf, you would think it was see through. But it's NOT! It's only see through to the mom, so she can look down and easily see her baby through the scarf as he/she nurses, but to onlookers, all they can see is the scarf itself and nothing through it. It's not a thick material, so mom and baby stay nice and cool while nursing on a warmer day. It goes all the way around so at least your whole upper body is covered, front and back, which is another positive. 

Lastly, it's beyond fashionable and has multiple uses! The colors and designs aren't boring or plain, and when not being used as a nursing cover, it can double as a fashionable scarf or baby carrier cover!

Unfortunately, I never got any photos of me using this as a nursing cover, because Kendall is no longer nursing and hasn't been for several weeks now. But, I did get some good nursing use out of it and do prefer this cover than any other brand nursing cover I have ever tried!

And even though I'm not nursing and can't use it as a cover for that anymore, it won't be pushed to the side and collecting dust for months or years since there are other uses for it! 

I highly recommend turning to Reno Rose for your next nursing cover and other fashionable accessories!

Reno Rose is the answer for all nursing and fashionista mamas out there!

Purchase It: You can purchase the cover/scarf reviewed here, along with many other products, at Reno Rose's website.

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