Monday, September 30, 2013

Pink Blush Maternity Review & Giveaway!

Even though Kendall is my 4th baby and third pregnancy, I was still in need of some new maternity clothes, most specifically shirts, but could never find something cute enough, fashionable enough, and comfortable enough. When I received the opportunity to review a clothing item from Pink Blush Maternity, I was so excited to finally get a high quality maternity clothing item that I could be happy and satisfied with!

One of the first shirts that caught my eye on their website was the black layered maternity tank top. I was disappointed at first because I didn't think I could get it in my size, but I opted for the next size down, and figured I would just take a chance on it because I loved it so much! 

I am SO glad I took a chance on this shirt! As soon as I got it, I knew it was going to love it! To my surprise, it fit fine during my pregnancy, even with being one size smaller than normal for me. It was fashionable, trendy, and comfortable to wear with my big belly and on the hotter days, it kept me nice and cool.

I even wore it on the day I went into early labor with Kendall, the day before she was born!

Though it's hard to tell from the photo, I was in the very early stages of labor, getting contractions checked at the hospital, texting, AND rocking my Pink Blush Maternity tank! I got SO many compliments from the nurses at the hospital that day too, on how nice my shirt was, and was asked where I got it from a handful of times.

Now that Kendall is here, of course I don't have much need for maternity clothes, but still make use of a few of my maternity shirts because they are so comfy and my body isn't quite the same as it was before having kiddos, so wearing loose fitting and comfortable clothing is best sometimes. I wear it regularly still today, and probably will through the winter too, as I am generally hot blooded and I just LOVE. THIS. SHIRT!!

I recently wore it to an outing at our local mall to take the kids to meet Curious George. These are some of the best photos I have of my wearing the shirt. ;)

Have I mentioned how much I love this shirt?!?!

I would definitely recommend Pink Blush Maternity to any friends, family, and even complete strangers looking for high quality, trendy, affordable maternity clothing. They have a huge selection of shirts, pants, dresses, shorts, and nursing wear and there is truly something for everyone!

To Purchase: You can purchase the shirt reviewed here, along with MANY other items at Pink Blush Maternity's website!

WIN IT: ONE lucky reader of Mama 2 Multiples is going to WIN a $25 gift certificate to spend as they wish at Pink Blush Maternity! To enter, simply follow the instructions and fill out the form below!


cman said...

Basic Blue Maternity/Nursing Dress.

Devon F said...

I like the Green 3/4 Sleeve Belted Maternity/Nursing Dress

Cop-MonsteR said...

I would like to buy the Aqua White Embroidered Maternity/Nursing Top.