Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Malloween 2013!

A mall in our area does a Halloween event every year, called Malloween! It's an event for children of all ages to come to the mall in costume, trick or treat at all of the stores, and participate in other events and get some other goodies. We have gone every year our kids have been born. Last year, Connor & Merasia even won the costume contest for their age group! 

Daddy stayed home this year, but our friend and neighbor went with us with her son, and we all had such a great time! We got there a little earlier because we had an errand to do in the area, and we know from experience in the past that the mall gets PACKED tight and it's hard to get around or do anything if you don't get there early enough. We went to every store in the mall for trick or treating, and the kids made out pretty well with all of their candy! 

A couple local radio stations broadcast and sponsor this event, and always hand out balloons, coloring and activity books, and other little Halloween prizes and trinkets. One cool thing we got this year was a coupon for a free pizza from Pizza Hut! The kiddos were pretty stoked for that! (And so was mama!) ;)

I think the best part of the day, though, was that Connor won the costume contest for best costume for his age group! I was SO, SO excited for him! Plus, it makes me feel good to know that all of the effort I put into their Halloween costumes and ideas is recognized in some way.

He received a $20 gift card to Walmart as his prize, and to a 4-year-old, that's like, a million dollars! 

I wish I would have gotten more photos from the day, but we were SO busy, we didn't even take ONE picture the whole time we were there!

Many more to come from tomorrow night's trick or treating though, promise!

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