Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pumpkins and Leaves!

Our family has been fully enjoying fall and the end of the warm-ish weather. Winters can be hard here in Vermont, so we really need to soak up every little tiny second of sun and warmth as much as we can before the snow and below zero temperatures arrive.

A couple weeks ago we set out to get some pumpkins. The older kids have gotten pumpkins before, so they are always excited for this part of this time of the year, but we were also excited to get Kendall's very first pumpkin!

Merasia found her pumpkin right off. It was the smallest one out of everyone's that we got that day, and she called it her "baby pumpkin." 

Mason went through a couple of different pumpkins before he found his favorite, but he sure had fun going through all of them!

Connor picked a good one too. He was very proud of his choice!

Kendall had fun "checking out" the pumpkins, too. 

In the end, we walked away with 4 pumpkins. Connor, Merasia, and Mason each had their pumpkins, and we got one big one for Kendall's first. It was a great day!

Later that afternoon, we got the pumpkins ready to clean out and carve. The twins have only done this one other time in their life, when they were about two years old. Mason has never done it, so I was looking forward to seeing if he would dig right in and get dirty, or not really care for it.

I think it's safe to say, he loved it!

We cleaned out all of the seeds from all of the pumpkins so daddy could bake them up for a yummy snack later on, and got all of the pumpkin guts out so we could get everyone's pumpkin carved.

Each of the kids drew a face on their pumpkin when they were all cleared out, and then I set to carving their faces out for them!

For Kendall's pumpkin, we carved her nickname in it, Kiki. Then, it was picture time!!

As you can see from the pumpkin photos, we have tons and tons of leaves in our front yard. We took advantage of all of these leaves a few weeks ago, raked them up, and spent a couple of hours jumping and playing in them! This was the first time our children ever jumped and played in leaves, so it was such a fun memory for us to make together.

As you can see, I got in on the fun too, along with our friends and neighbor. It was a great day, and we have made many new, fun fall memories. There is still some fall left to make memories in, but soon we will be making snowy, winter memories, and embarking on the busy-ness of Christmas and birthdays!

What are some of your families' favorite and most memorable fall activities? Feel free to share! I'd love to hear all about them!

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