Friday, May 16, 2014

Guess Who's 11 Months Old?!

Yep! In just 3 short weeks Kendall Ivory will turn ONE! I can barely believe it myself! It has been one heck of an amazing year with this little munchkin, and we wouldn't trade one second of it for the world!

I don't even know where to start on what Kendall is doing these days! I guess I will start with one of her first loves: food.

This girl can EAT. I mean, REALLY EAT. She LOVES her food! I knew she was a slight chunky butt as a baby and she has always loved the boob, her bottles, and the jarred baby food when we introduced it, but then table food came along....and she discovered just how delicious, amazing, and filling that was and it's like she grew a whole other stomach in the process!

She isn't too much of a picky eater either. She hasn't found anything that she DOESN'T like yet, and I suppose that's a good thing! 

She is SO close to walking! She crawls all over the place and boy, is she FAST!

She pulls up on anything and everything (and everyone!) to stand up, and will, at times, let go and stand completely on her own for a couple seconds at a time. If you hold her hands, she will walk right along with no problem. I would be surprised if she hasn't taken her first steps by her first birthday or before!

Kendall has got to be the happiest baby EVER. She ALWAYS has a smile on her face, and is always so giggly and playful. She waves to everyone and says hi, and is such a little social butterfly!

She loves to play outside, and just discovered the sandbox we have at our house the other day. She didn't seem to mind the crunchy texture of the same and rocks when she tried a bite...

Though she is a sweet, sweet angel, don't let the smile and looks fool you! She is a mischievous little thing when she wants to be!

The other day, she grabbed my wallet from a nearby shelf and emptied all of it's contents out on to the floor...

Another recent time, she discovered the dog food and water at our friend's home and proceeded to help herself to dumping it all over herself and the floor...

(Notice the wet pants in the above photo?)

She also loves to try to get into the bathroom and play in the toilet water or unravel every last inch of the toiler paper roll. A little stinker doesn't even begin to describe the havoc she can wreck sometimes! But, how can you stay mad too long when you look at this face:

She can say mama, dada, Liza (Godmother and friend), hi, and some random babbles here or there. She often likes to tease me and when I tell her to say mama she says da-da instead and then giggles. I told ya! Stinker!

I cannot express enough how much of a blessing Kendall has been to our whole family and all of our friends who love her so much, but most of all to me and my life. She came at what seemed like a slightly trying time in my marriage, and we soon saw that crumbling when she was just a few months old. But, I had her to get me through it. Of course I had the older children too and I LIVE for them just the same, but to have an even smaller little being who depended on me for every itty bitty little thing, who had no independence whatsoever to speak of at her tender infant age, put a whole other shred of importance on me making my life work every day, with or without the person I thought would be my life partner. She was a huge factor in saving my life, and saving me from being my own worse enemy amidst the world as I knew it coming to a complete end. 

I am in awe that I am busy making first birthday preparations again, and for the last time too. It's a special birthday simply because my baby is turning 1, but it's also so special because Kendall is my last baby, and this will, most likely, be the last "1st birthday" I ever plan or put on. Exciting but bittersweet.

Either way, I will continue soaking up every single second of the life we have with this beautiful, amazing, happy, gorgeous, fun loving, sweetest little angel God chose to bless us with almost a year ago....

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