Friday, May 16, 2014

Merasia and Mommy Day!

A couple of months ago, Merasia and I had a special girl's day out. Things in our life had been really crazy and unsettled, so I thought each of the older children would greatly benefit from a little one on one time with mommy. 

Merasia had needed new clothes for the warmer weather, and knowing her personality, I just knew she would LOVE a girl's day shopping and getting her hair cut, which she had been begging me for again for several months.

We dropped her brother's off at daycare that morning and she played hooky for the day!

Our first stop was to get her her first very own pair of Dansko clogs like her mama.

She picked the color our all by herself (I knew she would choose the pink!) and was so excited to put them on as soon as we left the store!

After that, we hit the mall for some fun new clothes! She tried on almost every single bathing suit the store had to offer (her favorite piece of clothing lately...), and we ended up walking out of the store with a ton of new pants, shorts, skirts, shirts, and - you guessed it - bathing suits (4 to be exact...).

We even got special mother-daughter best friend necklaces. After clothes, we stopped by the salon in the mall to get her hair cut! She looks SO grown up with her hair short!

We hit up a few more stores, and then needed to stop for some much needed lunch! We got some yummy grub at Applebees, complete with dessert for the princess!

Needless to say, we were POOPED by the end of that day! But it was beyond worth it! Merasia got a bunch of things she needed, some fun things she just wanted, a nice new 'do, delicious food, ice cream, and most of all, special memories bonding with mama.

We will have a little more bonding time later this summer when we hit up the local fair in our state to see Hunter Hayes in concert!!

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