Friday, May 16, 2014

Sesame Street LIVE!

Last but certainly not least, Mason and I went to Sesame Street Live for our special day!

Mason has really been into Elmo for the last year or so, so when I knew Sesame Street Live was coming to a town near us, I just HAD to go! My mom went with us, and we had such a good evening! Mason scored a new Sesame Street Life t shirt and a cool Elmo hat at the memorabilia counters while we waited for the show to start.

Mason was IN LOVE with the show! His eyes brightened right up when he saw Elmo on the stage and he kept yelling and waving, "Hi MEL-MO!" the whole time. I would remind him that Elmo could't hear him, to which he would innocently reply, "Why?" And then keep yelling for "MELMO!" It was the sweetest thing! The show was so fun to see, and all of the main, fun characters were in it. I don't see how any of the adults there couldn't have enjoyed it just as much as the children did!

After the show we went out to dinner, and had more fun eating and visiting with grandma of course. :) Mason was exhausted by the end of the night and it was no surprise when he passed out on the ride home, but it was time well spent and we definitely will be doing it again next year!

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