Saturday, July 19, 2014

I'm Broken.

Yup. You read that right. I am broken. 

Okay, not literally. Just part of me is broken.

My ankle/leg. 

How, you ask? 

Well it all started a week ago today (the 12th) when I arrived bright and early in the morning at Kendall's Godparent's house so we could embark on our exciting and long awaited trip to New Hampshire to Santa's Village. I had paid for tickets for them, their 5 year old son, Kendall, and myself to go and enjoy the day together. We were soclose to making it too! I was going out the door to put Kendall in the van in her car seat, and yet somehow, on the last stair of their front porch, I lost my footing and fell drastically to the ground, Kendall in my arms. I was so focused and concerned with not dropping her or letting her get hurt that I over-corrected my fall, causing my left foot and ankle to pretty much twist all around and land under myself as I landed on the wet dewy grass, Kendall sitting next to me, wondering what had just happened.

I heard a "pop" as I fell, and looking at my ankle afterwards and how swollen it immediately became, I just knew it wasn't normal and wasn't okay. I sat there for a good half hour trying to relieve some of the pain and trying not to throw up from the intense pain I was feeling. When I did finally decide to try to stand up, I couldn't. Not even the tiniest bit of weight was able to be put on this foot. We decided then, that it would be best if I went to the emergency room to get checked out. The whole ride there I tried convincing myself it was just badly sprained and I would get checked out and be able to tough out the rest of the day with my baby girl and good friends. Boy, was I in for a surprise!

After getting X-Rays done, it was determined I had broke my ankle in two spots. I needed to get a splint put on, keep it iced and elevated constantly, and get in to the local bone specialists the following week to see if surgery would be necessary. I was beyond bummed out! I held tight to my faith and belief though, that everything happens for a reason, though I couldn't see WHY something that bad would happen, I still told myself that. 

This is what the rest of my weekend and most of that next week looked like:

Later that week, I went in for an appointment with the bone specialists at the local orthopedics office. That was the first time seeing my injury unwrapped since the day it happened.

Pretty nasty, huh? 

At that appointment I had more X-rays done to make sure the bones hadn't moved or gotten worse. Though they hadn't gotten worse, they hadn't gotten any better or started healing on their own either. It was decided that surgery would be the best option with the most advantages to me short term and long term. The doctor said at this point, I will no doubt suffer from arthritis, but doing the surgery will not only help me heal faster and easier, but will prolong the onset of arthritis and prolong how bad it will be when it does set in. As much as I am dreading surgery (Come on...who really wants surgery?!), I am pretty eager to just get in and get it done. Right now, I am in pain every day, to varying degrees, with no end in sight. At least with the surgery, I know I will be in pain for two or three days, but after that it will be drastically less pain and get less and less as the days go by, because it will be fixed and healed rather than sitting here still broken from day to day. Of course it puts a wrench in working for me and regular activities, but hopefully I will be able to get back to normal sooner than I think, which will be nice.

In the meantime, I am thankful for some awesome people in my life who have stepped up to help me out tremendously. My best friend and her husband have had me staying with them every day since the accident happened so they can help me during the day since I can't get around much, and at night I have someone to help me at my own home for the time being (more on that person later... ;) ) 

Being laid up for now also means I get time to catch up on some much missed reading and of course, blogging! So, please forgive me in the coming days as I flood your news feeds and email inboxes with blog updates! ;)

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