Saturday, July 19, 2014

Kendall is ONE!

I just realized I never updated from Kendall's first birthday! How could I have forgotten that?!

It doesn't seem possible that a little over a year ago this was me and our sweet angel...

And now look at us!

Kendall is one of the funniest, most spirited babies I have ever met! She has a heart of gold, and the sweetest, angelic personality. She loves to laugh and smile at everyone and everything; she is a social butterfly! She is cute and cuddly, yet wild and crazy all at the same time!

She loves to just play and have fun! She will follow her brothers and sister all around wherever they are, always curious what they are doing and what they are playing with and wanting to be a part of everything they do. 

She took her first steps just a week or so after she turned 1, and though she isn't walking all over the place yet still, she takes steps here and there when she feels daring enough. 

She is getting quite the vocabulary down. So far she can say: mama, dada, Liza (her Godmother), more, ball, baby, eat, hi, and some other babbles we haven't quite been able to decipher or figure out yet. 

She is also a fan of being slightly bossy...

One of her favorite past times is eating:

She eats three meals a day of regular table food, along with a snack or two throughout the day. She hasn't had a pacifier since she was about 5 or 6 months old, and is officially all done with bottles and formula too, and now only gets milk in a big girl sippy cup. My baby is really growing up! 

On her birthday we had a big party planned for her. It was a beautiful day out, which worked perfectly for us since we were having a BBQ for her party and planned on letting the other kids at the party get a little wet in some water play.

In case you couldn't tell from the photos and decorations, we had a pink and black zebra print theme going on. ;)

Kendall was feeling a little under the weather the day of her birthday, but she was such a trooper and hung in there throughout the festivities!

She didn't exactly dig in to her cake like we all were hoping she would, but she got a good amount of messy-ness on her and still enjoyed it, so it was still worth the money spent on the cake and the effort put into the party itself.

After everyone enjoyed some cake, it was time for Kendall to open up her presents!

She got some fun new beach and sand toys, a few adorable new outfits, a new pair of very fashionable sandles, and other goodies. 

The other kids at the party, including her big brothers and big sister, all had a blast splashing around in the pool and playing in the sandbox.

Perhaps one of the best parts of the day was that my birth father was able to attend the party, and this was his first time meeting his only grandchildren.

Once the party started winding down, Kendall decided to go have some fun of her own apart from the birthday party...

Yes, in case you are wondering, she did get in that dirty fun pool water. She lifted her leg right up over the edge, tutu and all, and sat right down in it! It was very warm water from sitting in the sun and being played in all day, and she loved every second of it. 

It was a beautiful ending to a beautiful, amazing, fun, day full of love and celebrating this sweet, angelic, amazing little girl!

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