Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mason's First Milestone!

Mason rolled over for the first time a couple weeks ago! I've been meaning to post about it but have just been super busy! I did manage to finally get a video of it the other day, and posted that. He only rolls from back to belly right now, he hasn't quite mastered how to get back over so we have to help him with that.

He is getting so big, it's unbelievable! The last time he was weighed, which was a week or so ago, he was 13 lbs., 9 oz., and 25 3/4 inches long! He is up to the 60th percentile for weight, and 90% for height! He doesn't fit into his 3-6 month pajamas anymore either! Well, he can but he can't stretch his legs out in them like he can in 6 month ones. He's still in 3-6 month shirts and some pants, but those are getting tighter and smaller as the days pass.

He is still half formula fed and half breast fed, but having breastfeeding issues right now. More on that in another post though...

He still sleeps like a newborn...up a few times and all that fun stuff. That's okay though. It comes with the territory, and I wouldn't have had another if I didn't expect that or want to deal with it. :-)

(Yes, he is SLEEPING in that picture above...I sat him in his bumbo while I pumped, and he passed out hard!)

All around, he is such a good boy and such a joy. He loves to play on his play mat and kick and hit the animals on it, and is generally happy and smiley. He is a great addition to the family! ♥

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Charm Factory Giveaway WINNER

Because she was the only one who entered the giveaway, Eliza Rae wins by default! LOL

Eliza - Be sure to get your mailing address and what charm you want on the necklace to me soon so I can pass it on! :-)

Look out for the next review and giveaway, coming soon!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

We had a fun Memorial Day this year! A town near us, about 15 minutes away, always has a parade every year that ends with the dedication at the war monument in town. We skipped that this year though and packed up the kiddos and ourselves and headed out on a little adventure of our own.

After a few snags (Hubs had an anxiety attack on the drive and we stopped at the E.R. to have him checked out real quick...clean bill of health!), we ended up in a small but cute little town a couple hours away. Our arrival there started with a visit with this little guy:

He was just hanging out in the middle of the road. I had never seen a turtle before, so I made hubs turn around so we could snap some photos and I could get a closer look. :-) After we got some pictures, Frank grabbed a stick from the side of the road and helped the turtle finish crossing the road so he wouldn't get hit or injured. That mission was successful, and we continued on our way. :-)

We ended up at a picnic area that my husband went to a lot as a child. We took some hot dogs and snacks and our little gas grill, and of course we couldn't forget the twins bathing suits! It was an extremely hot but beautiful day, and there's a little creek that runs by the picnic area, perfect for the kids to splash in. We changed the kids and let them dip in the water.

Connor got a toe in the water, and freaked out. That was enough for him! He was happy as a clam though, playing with the rocks and the sand near the water. :-)

Merasia loved the water! She wasn't afraid to get in with me and loved splashing and exploring what she could see under the water...

After we were done dipping in the water and playing, we had a bite to eat.

Mason was happy just hanging out in his car seat between nursing. :-)

After we finished eating, we got everyone changed and loaded back in the van, and headed up the road a ways. We went to a snack bar my husband went to a lot as a kid, and got the twins some ice cream for dessert. The place we were at had a mini golf course, basketball court, and little playground area for the kids. It was very kid and family friendly!

After all that fun, we set off for the long ride home. The twins passed out as soon as their heads hit their car seats, Mason napped the whole way home, and mama indulged in a nice drink in the sunshine...

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥