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Buggy Love Giveaway Winner!

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Congratulations Anne!! 

Anne has 48 hours to reply to my email and claim her prize or I will be forced to choose a different winner. Thanks to all for entering and following my blog!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hulabye Happy Changer Review & Giveaway

Anyone that has a baby knows how much of a struggle it can be to change their diaper. It's not so much a struggle for newborns, but once they hit 4-6 months, it's war since they have discovered they can move and no longer want to be stopped to get their diaper changed anymore. 

Enter Hulabye Happy Changer!

From their website:

"Changing time became a wrestling match that, more often than not, resulted in an ill-applied diaper, a frustrated mom, an unhappy baby and a changing table in need of a hazmat cleanup. After searching stores and the Internet, Erin was unable to find a single device that could hold her wiggly infant still long enough to change her diaper.
Knowing exactly what she was looking for, Erin sketched a pattern on her daughter’s craft table paper, got out the sewing machine and got to work. She was beyond happy to discover that the original Happy Changer™ not only kept her daughter from rolling over on the changing pad, it seemed to take away the urge to roll at all (most of the time!)
That very first prototype survived many months with Erin’s daughter and went on to serve tours of diaper duty with two other families. With her second daughter finally off to preschool in 2011, Erin decided to make the Happy Changer™ available to the diapering masses, forming Hulabye, LLC, a company dedicated to making parenting as joyful and hassle-free as possible."
For my review, I received a flannel print Hulabye Happy Changer in the blue/green/brown polka dot pattern. 

I unfortunately don't have any photos of Mason using the Hulabye Happy Changer because I never got a chance before our camera broke. :-( But it has had a permanent spot on our changing table pad ever since it arrived back in February and has seen a TON of use in that short amount of time!
The Happy Changer truly does make changing time easier! I was skeptical of how well it would work at first. But it is so easy! The Happy Changer simply attaches to the changing pad cover. Your wrap it around the pad and it velcros underneath and stays put very tightly.

Next, you lay your baby down on the changing pad like normal, and put one of their arms through each side of the vest, in the specific arm holes.

There are two velcro spots, an inner and then a wider, tighter one. First your velcros the inner closure, and then the outer closure to gentrly restrain your little wiggler!

Voila! After securing the Hulabye Happy Changer, you can change your baby quickly but efficiently without the struggle, the poorly secured diaper, the screaming baby, and no disarray. 
I love the overall concept of the Hulabye Happy Changer, and it truly does work. At first, I thought Mason might scream and fuss when he figured out he couldn't crawl away from me anymore, but he is fine and so distracted by the Hulabye that he doesn't even notice I am changing him! 
The Hulabye's come in a variety of fabrics and prints, and are soft, cuddly, and cozy, so baby isn't uncomfortable. There are no sizes with the Hulabye Happy Changer; One size fits all! It's machine washable for those accidents and nasty stains, or the occasional leaky diarrhea. The changer stays put right on the changing table at all times, so there is no need to fool around with digging it out and attaching it to the changing pad every single time you need to change a diaper. It's so convenient, easy to use, and a definite must have for every mom out there! 
Hulabye Happy Changer comes highly recommended from this mama!

Purchase It: You can purchase the Hulabye Happy Changer from Hulabye's website.

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Four Years Ago Today....

......Our lives changed with 2 little lines. 

It was on this day in 2008 that we started the ride of our lives. 

It had been our second month on Clomid, to help us conceive. I had tested mid day the day before and been disappointed with a BFN...or, as we know it in trying to conceive language, a big fat negative, so I wasn't expecting much. A few things had started to play with my mind as far as symptoms went, but I pushed them to the back of m mind because I didn't want to get my hopes up and be let down with another negative. I figured if I didn't expect or hope for anything, then the disappointment wouldn't be as much of a surprise or a let down like all of the other months. 

I went to bed the night before, determined to hold my pee alllll night long and pee on another test first thing the next morning. I got up at 6 and took the test, then laid back down in bed to wait the 3 minutes. I went back to check the test exactly 3 minutes later and at first glance, figured it was negative, as usual. I picked the test stick up to get a close look, one last time, before throwing it out, and that's when I saw it. The faintest hint of a line that I saw just as the light hit it the right way. But I still didn't know....I still wasn't sure. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me! I woke Frank up, and he said he could see it (and he wasn't even in a well lit room!), and told me to let it sit for a few more minutes. I did, and when I looked a couple of minutes later, it was still VERY VERY faint, but definitely there. 

We were PREGNANT!!

Another test taken the next day came out a little bit darker (That's the photo you see above...sorry for the awful, awful quality. My camera at that time was a cheap dollar store special!).

A couple of weeks later, and we were surprised with the news that we were expecting TWINS!

Fast forward 3 years later, and here we are, with the 2 more amazing, beautiful, smart, talented, crazy, funny, loving, sweet, warm hearted children we could ever ask for. They have brought so much to our lives, and have changed us so much, in ways they will never know. I never thought, back when that test turned positive that fateful May day, that it would lead us to where we are today, and I am ever so thankful for the blessings bestowed on us with Connor & Merasia. 

Wholesale Halloween Costumes Review

I have had the great opportunity to work with a few different Halloween costume sites over the past year or so on reviews and giveaways, and it never gets old! I LOVE Halloween and picking out costumes, especially now that we have children. It's even MORE fun! I start planning the kids' Halloween costumes for the following year the day after Halloween!

This year, we went with a Cat in the Hat theme for costumes, and Wholesale Halloween Costumes have an array of Cat in the Hat costumes to meet my needs!

This year, Connor and Merasia are going to be Thing 1 and Thing 2, and Mason is going to be the Cat in the Hat. Super cute theme, huh?!

For this review, I received the Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat infant costume

I can't wait to get Mason in this costume!! I was worried it would be thin and not too warm, and that the material may feel a little cheap, because it looked that way in the photo. But, I was very, very pleasantly surprised when the costume arrived!

This costume is nice and soft and not too heavy but not too thin, so it will be perfect and keep Mason warm, which is important with the unpredictable weather here in Vermont. That makes choosing Halloween costumes so difficult at times, but there won't be any worries this year!

The Cat in the Hat costume comes with everything you need...the body suit itself, the hat, and the bow tie! It's a complete costume! 

I am so excited for Halloween this year, thanks to the wonderful people over at Wholesale Halloween Costumes for their amazing variety of costumes, and even more amazing quality of costumes and accessories!

To purchase the costume seen here and many others, visit Wholesale Halloween Costumes today!

**DISCLAIMER** I received the above product(s) from Wholesale Halloween Costumes free of charge in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was received. However, all opinions are strictly my own.

Twisted Orchid/Mad Style Review & Giveaway

In case anyone hasn't noticed, I tend to be a bit of a girly girl, at times. And along with that, comes a love for accessories, purses, and things of that nature. That's where Twisted Orchid comes in. Twisted Orchid specializes in chic purses and handbags, and all at a great value. From their website:

"Twisted Orchid is a premium shopping destination for stylishly chic purses and handbags. From the pages of People Style Watch to Lucky, Elle and Oprah,trendspotters and fashion provocateurs alike are buzzing about our incredible selection. Based in Chicago, it is our committment to supply fashion-savvy women with must-have styles at a great value. Our attention to quality and detail is high, so rest assured you will be impressed with the glamour and luxury that is a cornerstone of every Twisted Orchid Handbag and accessory. So whether you're an accessory gal who wants to test out a trend before deciding on a big splurge, or you're a fashionistawho prefers to shop for fabulous steals - Twisted has the right piece just for you.
And with our secure online shopping, guaranteed delivery, and 30-day hassle free returns, buying from Twisted Orchid is convenient and absolutely risk free!" 

For my review, I received the Caviar Floral Envelope Wallet.

This is definitely not your every day wallet. It's not very kid friendly if they got a hold of it (which they often do!), and is a little too formal to use everyday. It's more the type of wallet you would use on a date night or any fun night out with just the hubs and I. 

This wallet is definitely very beautiful. The intricate details, beading, and artistic detail of this wallet are truly amazing! It's obvious a lot of work went into making this design and the wallet itself.

Though there are not many compartments inside the wallet, there is still plenty of room for the important items such as money, credit/debit cards, and your I.D.

I love this wallet and it gets plenty of use, even though our nights out alone may be rare. ;-)

Purchase It: You can purchase products from Twisted Orchid at their website.

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Friday, May 25, 2012

(18+ CONTENT) EdenFantasys: Your One Stop Adult Shop!

EdenFantasys is an online adult shop that features an array of adult toys, games, costumes, lingerie, books, videos, and so much more!

I did a review for them a while ago, and reviewed Jenna Jameson's autobiography. It was a must read! With that said, while on my search for the perfect book to review at that time, I saw first hand the array and selection of books EdenFantasys has. I am a book worm, and love a good read, and EdenFantasys has every type of (adult) book you could imagine, and something for everyone.

I also love the selection of beauty and body products EdenFantasys offers. They have facial skin care products, lubes, massage oils, make up, and fragrances. SO many to choose from!

Every mother likes to feel wanted by her husband or significant other, and lingerie is the perfect way to help us exhausted mamas feel sexy again, if even for a little while. EdenFantasys has some wonderful selections of lingerie, and something for all body types, shapes, and sizes!

Of course along with all of these things, EdenFantasys is well known for their sex toys. There is something for everyone in that department as well!

While the selection of products is impressive, the prices are very reasonable too. You just can't beat it!

Red Tulip Boutique Review & Giveaway

Like any typical girl, I love handbags and purses. There is just something about getting a new purse, and the excitement and thought that goes into re organizing all of your things into a brand new, clean, cozy new purse or handbag.

I stumbled upon Amy's Red Tulip Boutique, and hours later found myself still pouring through the variety of products she has to offer, especially the handbags and wallets. I loved every single one I saw!

From her website:

"I am an online retailer of all things bling for you and your home! You will also find some goodies for little girls and the men in your life. I have things for a Cowgirl or a City Girl to help her stand out in a crowd! 

I have been in sales for over 10 years. I've sold radio ads,services for a trucking company, and worked in retail in my parents gift store & custom picture framing shop. I've spent the last 5 years as a real estate agent. I know what good customer service is and strive to give excellent service to my customers. I have a wide selection and great prices! Please let me know if you need help with anything."

I found so many handbags and wallets I wanted, but there were a lot of other products that stuck out to me too, that I just love!

I love this wood sign that says "Motherhood ain't for sissies" is so true!

I need this for my own home! 

I have recently really got into the animal print theme, and Amy has some ADORABLE zebra print flip flops, oven mitts, and cleaning gloves!

I want all of these! I wear gloves for some heavy duty cleaning, and for doing dishes every night. Everyone laughs at me, but it's not just because I hate dealing with the mess and old food of dishes, but my hands are SO dry, and my skin gets dried out very, very easily, especially when in water all the time, like every night (and sometimes more than once a day) for dishes and washing sippy cups and bottles, etc. How cute would it be to wash dishes in style with these amazing pink zebra print gloves?? I am in LOVE!

For my review, I was sent the Amarillo Bling Bag.

(Please excuse the photo you all know, I am without a camera right now, and this is a stock photo of the purse, and the only one available, and becomes blurry and distorted when I try to enlarge it. Sorry!)

I was surprised at just how "blingy" this bag was when I received it. But, if you know me, you know that's just my style sometimes! 

There is a LOT of room inside this purse, which is great because I usually have a lot of stuff to carry, and always carry other certain items "just in case" and with this bag, there is always plenty of space and compartments. I also love the cell phone pockets on the ends of the bag. I am always looking for a convenient place to stash my cell besides in my pocket, or when I wear pants that don't have pockets. 

The quality of this bag is also so amazing. It's very strong and durable, and I also love the color on the outside and inside. It's dark, and therefore doesn't show stains as easily, and that's important with little ones!

The gemstones, beading, and belt buckle closure are some of my other favorite features of this bag.

I could not be any happier with this product, and highly recommend Amy's shop to all of my friends and family!

Purchase it: You can purchase the purse seen here, and many other products at Amy's online store, Red Tulip Boutique.

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Journal 10 WINNER!

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Congratulations Tracy! Tracy has 48 hours to reply to my email and claim her prize, or I will be forced to choose a different winner. Thanks to all for entering and following my blog! :-)

Sunday Pool Party with Des and Vie!

As you may have caught me mentioning my recent dance show this past weekend, you know that consumed most of my week last week. Des and I were glad to have it done and over with. It was amazing, and so fun for me to get back out on that stage, but it was also very stressful with rehearsals and nerves, etc. so when it was over, we were relieved. Saturday's show was in the afternoon. Frank found a new fishing 15 year old nephew Jesse! They did that all morning Saturday while I hung at home with the kids. Des and Violet came over around noon and we decided to go to her house and let the kids run around in the pool a little bit since it was so hot out. They had a blast, but by the time we got there and they played for a few minutes, it was just about time for us to go, which was a big bummer for the kids! We promised them we would have a pool party Sunday though, and when Sunday came, we followed through on that promise!

Sunday came, and we lounged around in the morning, and then packed bathing suits and snacks and other necessities and went to Des's house. The kids jumped right in Vie's little pool and slid down the water slide over and over again. I even got in on that fun and went down the slide once or twice. Mason even got in the pool, even though the water was freezing! It felt sooo good though in the 90 degree weather! 

After we played in the pool and hung out for a while, we broke out the Slip and Slide! I had never been on a slip and slide before, and I never knew what I was missing! The kids were a little afraid of it at first, but they warmed up to it and ran over it a few times and when the sprinkler part of it was turned off, they did have a blast running up and down and sliding on it. 

Frank went on the slip and slide, and even helped Mason experience it. He cried a little at first (after he was done sliding) but then got up and crawled away and was happy as could be! :-)

It was am amazing, fun filled day and CHEAP! No gas money to travel hours away to commercial water parks that have nothing for the kids, or over crowded and expensive. And the best part, was spending time with special people. :-) I'll end this post with some pictures from our day!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Merasia's Best Friend!

I love having friends with children the same age, or close to the same age, as our twins. It makes for fun play dates and cute memories. 

Our friend Des got pregnant several months before we found out we were expecting twins. We have been friends for 7ish years now, but had a falling out and didn't speak for a couple of years at the time Des was pregnant with her daughter Violet. We reconnected last year, and have pretty much been inseparable ever since. Our kids absolutely ADORE Violet, but the thing that struck us and Des the most when we started hanging out again, was how much Violet and Merasia look alike! 

Every time we all go somewhere, we get comments from friends  and family, or even complete strangers, on how much the girls look alike. It's definitely funny that we were such close friends, both got pregnant around the same time, are parents now, and our daughters so closely resemble each other. Maybe it was meant to be that way for some reason....

These girls just LOVE each other!

They share each other's clothes and shoes, and whatever one says or does, the other is sure to follow!

Sometimes they fight...over toys, games to play, songs to sing, and so on and so forth. But at the end of the day, they are still besties.

They are about as close as sisters....Merasia affectionately calls Violet, Vie. Or Vie-Vie. It's the sweetest thing!

Along with sharing clothes and toys, they also share many secrets, I'm sure.

The bring out the divas and sexy mama's in each other....

I just loved them, and seeing them together melts my heart. They love each other so much, they ask for each other when they aren't together, and never want to be apart or leave when they are together. They are such best friends now, and I hope they follow in their mama's foot steps and stay that way forever....