Monday, May 14, 2012

Buggy Love Review & Giveaway

Late last summer we purchased a new travel system (car seat and stroller) for Mason. We found it on Craigs List, but it was only used a handful of times, an in excellent brand new condition, and for half the price, so we could not go wrong. Because it was in such excellent condition when we got it, I wanted to keep it that way, especially since we will still gt a lot more use out of it for Mason, and baby number 4, whenever he or she decides to arrive, will get a lot of use from it as well.

I discovered Buggy Love, and was definitely intrigued and wanted to try it out.

From their website:

"Why BuggyLOVE?  In response to the blatant industry “green washing” and prevalent, misleading labeling practices, BuggyLOVE has chosen to refuse the use of logos on our labels that have nothing to do with the authentic, sustainable principals of organic growing and processing methodologies.

So, when someone legitimately asks us if our products are “organic”, we believe they are asking us a very important question. We believe that you are asking if we participate in the “green wash” marketing game. The answer is a simple NO…and we never will.  We have a responsibility as business owners, and as parents to speak the truth.
BuggyLOVE does not take this responsibility lightly.  Unlike “Natural” products, we will not compromise on the quality of any of our ingredients or substitute them for cheaper chemicals in order to lower costs or improve margins. Additionally, unlike most of our competitors, we will never use the potentially carcinogenic preservatives parabens or sulfates in any of our organic products.  We dedicate ourselves to maintaining the highest ethical standards as we continue to evolve our own organic and environmental footprint."
For my review, I received the BuggyLove Organic Stroller Cleaning Kit. 

Included in this kit are 4 different cleaners, all with different uses for the variety of cleaning needs and maintenance a stroller requires. 
The first I used is the PolishLove, which is a spray designed to get rid of dirt and grime on the stroller frame and wheels. The frame was probably the worse part of the stroller. There was caked on milk, food, scuff marks, and other mysterious stains that I dare not imagine where they came from. But all of that was gone in seconds with a quick spray of PolishLove, and a quick and easy wipe down!
FabricLove is designed to get rid of formula, milk, and other fabric stains. I put the fabric part of our stroller in the washer, but there were a couple spots afterwards that still needed a little scrubbing, so I used the FabricLove for those parts, and it looks nice and bright and brand new! I also used the FabricLove on the fabric that goes over the basket that is under the stroller. This was very, very stained, but it came clean very easily and quickly when I used the FabricLove on it.

WheelLove gets rid of squeaky wheels, but we haven't had that issue yet, so that has yet to be put to use. I am sure it works just as good as the rest of the products though and this is such a handy item to include in a kit like this.
The last thing I used from this kit was the all over FreshLove, which is basically a fabric refresher. The citrus and rosy smell is so yummy (for my nose, not my stomach!) and leaves the stroller smelling fresh, new, and most of all, clean. 
All in all, I was NOT disappointed with any of the products in this cleaning kit. All of them worked wonderfully, and our stroller looks brand new and beautiful and clean just like when we got it, or just like it came from the store!
I also love, love, LOVE that all of these cleaning products are organic and 100% safe and natural. No harsh smells or chemicals to irritate little skin or little noses.
And the other good part is, cleaning the stroller for the first time didn't take nearly as much product as I expected, so there is a TON left over for the next time I need to clean it. :-)

Purchase It: You can purchase BuggyLove's Organic Stroller Cleaning Kit at their website here or at Buy Buy Baby's website.
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