Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dance and Other Things

Life is busy and exciting lately!

I love being busy, and it's a good kind of busy, which is even better. 

First off, Frank has been amazing lately. Well, he's always amazing, but he is specifically extra amazing lately. ;-)

With Frank having weekends off, we can get out and do more things together as a family, and it's so nice! A couple weeks ago we had our good friend Des and her daughter spend the night, and then went to some events going on in town. Face painting, a petting zoo, and other fun things, and ended the night with a BBQ at Des and Violet's house. Our children are such good friends with Violet. They love her to death, and she loves them right back...maybe even more. ;-) When we aren't together, they are always asking for her and Des, it's so sweet. 

Last week, we went to an event called Kids Day. It was just me, hubs, and our kiddos but it was so much fun and we needed a nice, good, family day. The event was only $1 to get in to, and there were a ton of activities that were free after paying admission. It was about an hour away from us, near the water front of Lake Champlain, and it was a gorgeous day! The kids ran around and played and wanted to go on some rides, but we decided to do one better and go on a real train ride! I had never been on a train before, and of course the kids never had either. Tickets for the train were very cheap, and it was an hour ride. Though our camera is still broken, I did take a couple pictures with my cell phone and Des was able to upload them for me online to share from her phone.

My boys didn't feel like picture taking, but hey...they are cute, regardless! ;-)

Can I just stop and say how flipping adorable Merasia and her daddy are in this pic??! I love seeing my little girl so in love with her daddy....

We also saw a parade, which the kids loved. There were gymnasts in the parade doing their flips and tumbles and tricks, and Merasia started trying to copy them and was doing somersaults all over the grass. Then whenever a band marched by playing their instruments, Connor and Merasia would start marching in place too. And of course they had to dance every time they heard any music! 

After the parade and while we were waiting for the train ride, we went to the water and the kids played with the ducks, dipped their feet in the water, and ate some ice cream. After the train ride, we stopped for some lunch, and made our way back to the car. It had been a long day! When we got back home, we discovered we were back in town in time for a friend's birthday party at a nearby pizza place, so we grabbed a present and went to that. Our neighbor's daughter, Asialynn, turned 2 last week and her party was last Saturday, and the kids loved playing with her and other kids and just having fun and eating cake. After spending an hour there, we went to a BBQ with my (adopted) mom, sister, and my nieces and nephew. We were all overly exhausted at the end of that day, but it was well worth it!

Mother's Day was very low key. Frank took care of the kids most of the day for me. I only changed 1 or 2 diapers the whole day, and for us, that's a miracle! ;-) He played with the kids a lot to keep them busy and out of my hair, and offered for me to go shopping by myself, but I decided not to. I know, I'm crazy! But, it was nice anyway, and I don't regret it. 

This week has been full of dance rehearsals for mama! I have danced ever since I could walk, and in my teenage years, took numerous hip hop dance classes. It was a great outlet for me for a lot of things going on in my life at that time, and the joy I got from performing was unimaginable by anyone not on that stage. It's something I can't put into words. I recently started dance class again back in January. It was an adult hip hop class, and with the same teacher I had when I was a teenager, so I was very comfortable and excited for this experience. Of course, I talked Des into take the class too, and being her first dance class EVER, she did amazing!! Now, our show is tomorrow night. I am excited and nervous. I am excited just's exciting! I'm nervous because it has been 5 years since I have performed or danced. But we had our first rehearsal on the big stage last night, and it felt good to be back out there, and a little weird. I am sure it will all come back to me by tomorrow night. Tonight we have a full dress and make up rehearsal on stage, and the show is tomorrow night and Saturday afternoon. I am looking forward to getting out there, doing what I love, and sharing that with all of my friends and family. There are a couple family members who can't make the show for scheduling conflicts, but there are many friends and family members going, and to them, I thank them for showing their love and support for me! I know who I can count on for love and support, and that is the most important. :-)

And, finally, to end this amazing week, the twins' preschool teacher has offered to babysit for us whenever we need or want it, so we are taking her up on that offer this Saturday, and going out dancing with Des (and hopefully her boyfriend!!) to a nearby club that my hubby's best friend DJ's at! It has been a few months since we have been out, so it is well deserved and overdue, and we are greatly looking forward to it.

So, a busy few weeks, and they are only going to continue to get busier as the weather continues to be nice, and dance ends and settles down for the season, and the beach opens. I can't wait for all this summer has in store for us and our family...

Life is SO good. 

P.S. I'd love to add some new photos to this post, but our new camera has not yet due time... ;-)

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