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WOW Baby Bibs Giveaway WINNER!

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Wedding Favors Review & Giveaway!

My Wedding Favors offers unique wedding favors at affordable prices! There are many options to choose from, and there is no question that My Wedding Favors is your answer for all things wedding! Items can be personalized as well, to add just the right personal touch to your favors.

From their website:

"We strive to help every bride and groom prepare for their special day. It's our belief that the little things - a favor, a gesture, a simple thought put into action - speak volumes in all the special occasions of your lives. Wedding favors are rapidly becoming a bona fide tradition, as brides and grooms look for the perfect way to thank their guests. Our vast selection includes ideas to please and amaze every design sense and wedding vision. The My Wedding Favors team of buyers search the world over, drawing from artists and artisans alike in their search for striking, elegant favors you can be proud to give your guests, and they'll be happy to take home and remember. From theme wedding to destination reception favors, from favors that feature the elegance of Asia to the romance of the four seasons to the carefree whimsy of the beach - you'll find it all here!"

For my review, I received "About to Hatch" Baby Chick Salt and Pepper Shaker and the Ceramic Piggy Bank.

When we have company over, they are always asking us where our salt and pepper shakers are. Until now, we never had any! I only use salt and pepper when I am cooking, and even though hubs uses it on his food, he would just get it from the regular containers they come in from the grocery store, so we never needed a salt and pepper shaker. However, these were just TOO cute to pass up!

What I didn't realize by looking at the photo on the website, was that the chick was one shaker, and the egg it sits in is another one. When I first opened the package, I thought, "Great! Only one shaker!" But then upon further inspection, I saw how they worked, and was even more in love. They are just TOO cute! I filled them both immediately so we could use them asap!

The shakers are very easy to fill. There are little rubber stoppers on the bottom of each to fill them, and then you simply replace the rubber stopper and all set for use!

Of course these are so tiny that they don't hold a ton of salt or pepper, but they hold enough for how much we use them, and they don't take up a ton of room in the cupboard and....I can't help but say it again...too cute to look at!

For years now, we have kept our pennies in little sandwich bags or snack bags. Pennies are the most annoying piece of change ever! When we save up enough of them, we take them to our local coin star and either donate them, or turn them in for cash. It's so annoying to carry a big ol' baggy of pennies into the store to redeem them. I thought this piggy bank would be perfect for us for this very reason!

Again, it's small but it's perfect for holding the pennies we accumulate over the weeks or months, and easier to throw this in my purse and run to the store to redeem the pennies. Plus, it looks cuter sitting on the counter than an ol' sandwich bag or something of the sort!

As you can see, My Wedding Favors is, of course, a site for wedding favors, but even though I don't need wedding favors, I was still able to find products that I can make use of that isn't wedding related.

The quality of these products is better than I imagined, and I am very happy with the choices I made, and the service I received.

Purchase It: You can purchase the products reviewed here and many, many others at My Wedding Favors!

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Differences in Pregnancies

With this pregnancy, I am definitely seeing how true it is when people tell you that every pregnancy is different.

With the twins, before I found out I was pregnant, I just felt a calm come over me. I didn't have the urge to take an early pregnancy test, I didn't over analyze every little symptom of pregnancy, and when I did take a test, of course we were excited, but I feel like in the back of my mind I knew I was pregnant. 

With Mason, I didn't feel pregnant, and didn't have any real big symptoms. All the symptoms I did have, could be chalked up to other stuff, so it never occurred to me that I was pregnant. I was tired, but Merasia wasn't sleep well at that time and we had a lot of stress going on, so that was why I was tired. I was a little more hungry than normal, but I wasn't eating well at that time, or was just bored so I ate. 

Early on with the twins, the exhaustion was the worse thing I have ever experienced before. I would spend FULL days in bed, sleeping, and sleep that night just fine too. I never felt like I could get enough sleep. 

I had some exhaustion with Mason too, but not nearly as bad as with the twins.

I never got sick with either pregnancy. No morning sickness or anything. There was once or twice I felt sick with the twins, and felt like I wanted to throw up and would feel better if I did, but it never happened and it was literally once or twice and that was it.

I craved pizza, chips, and tacos.

This time around, I am exhausted, as usual. Still not as bad as the twins, but I find myself napping in the afternoons when the kids are down for their nap, or going to bed way earlier than normal for me. 

I don't feel sick yet, but it's still early for that to kick in! 

I have cravings. And this time, I'm craving a ton of sweet stuff! McDonald's hot fudge sundaes, those yummy little flavored tootsie rolls, and m&m's. Except tonight. Tonight I craved a calzone, which I did get and enjoy, but other than that, I want mostly sweet stuff which is much different than my other pregnancies.

It still hasn't sunk in yet that I am pregnant again! I have taken almost 10 pregnancy tests. Yep. 10. I have been taking one every morning just to see that line get a little darker each day. (I have OCD, clearly.) I have had blood work that came back with a positive result, and have more blood work tomorrow, to make sure the numbers are doubling and rising as they should. I can feel my uterus getting harder as the days go by. I feel pregnant, and the tests don't lie. So I'm not sure why I still can't believe it. Maybe it's because it's (most likely) our last? Maybe it's because we have never conceived on our first try of Clomid? I think it's more that I am just so over the moon excited and happy about it, that it makes it so hard to believe! When I see that first ultrasound though, I know it will seem even more real for me!

Every Little Detail Review & Giveaway!

I have worked with Amy from Every Little Detail before, when I reviewed some products from her other store, Flowerz in Her Hair

Merasia LOVES getting her hair done! She loves everything to do with ties, hair bows, hair clips, headbands. She is definitely a little princess so I knew she would LOVE some new hair accessories, and I could not go wrong with the products featured at Every Little Detail!

There are SO many products to choose from, such as adjustable headbands, beanies, cheer bows, felt flowers, hair clips, hard headbands, and the list literally goes on!

For my review, I received an elegant design adjustable headband in brown, another adjustable headband in retro dot design, a blue flower zebra print no slip hair clip, a blue steele rag bow, and a pink and orange rag bow.

Merasia was SO excited to get her new hair accessories in the mail! I was just as excited! She was not into taking a picture though....

She wouldn't look at me to take a picture, but in her defense, she had just woken up from her nap so she was slightly grouchy. The getup in the pictures above is my personal favorite. They go well together, and she looks SO beautiful! She actually wore the same headband and hair clip in her very first school pictures last week, and thought I don't have one of those to share right now, trust me when I say they came out beautifully!

This headband looks amazing on her as well, and really complements her dark hair:

I haven't been able to get pictures of her wearing the other hair clips yet, but she has worn them all at least once, and some more than that. The clips stay in pretty well, but she is a very active 3 year old, especially at daycare 3 days a week, so of course they fall out occasionally. They don't tug or pull her hair out though, and don't get snagged, so that's a definite positive! 

The headbands are adjustable, and very easy to put on and adjust to fit her head. Of course they fall out occasionally as well and need to be re done, but it's really easy to fix them, and I love that they can fit any size head because of the adjust-ability factor! These headbands are even for women to wear, so I could borrow them if I wanted to. ;)

I was very, very happy with these products, and would definitely buy more for Merasia. She loves them too, and sometimes she is a touch cookie to impress, so that says a lot!

PURCHASE IT: You can purchase the products seen here and many, many others at Every Little Detail's website!

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Soft Scrub WINNERS!

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Conceive Easy Trying to Conceive Kit Review!

As you all know, my husband and I have issues with conceiving naturally. Thankfully, we have an easy fix and with the help of one little pill, I ovulate normally and the rest is up to us. But, that doesn't take the pain of trying to conceive away and doesn't make it any less.

When I got the opportunity to review a trying to conceive (TTC) kit from Conceive Easy, I was SO excited! I have been wanting to try this kit out for months now, and I received the review request via email at the perfect time when we were starting our fertility meds back in August.

This kit comes absolutely LOADED! I received the getting started in trying to conceive booklet and chart, a BBT thermometer for measuring my basal body temperature (to help track ovulation and pregnancy), the Conceive Easy 2 month starter pack of all natural fertility drugs to help boost my fertility, some pregnancy test strips, and some regular pregnancy tests and ovulation tests. Also, as a bonus gift, I chose the option of receiving 10 more ovulation tests and 10 more pregnancy tests. You can never have too many of either one when you are actively trying to get pregnant!

I got my kit when I had already started my fertility meds, but it was just in time to start using the thermometer and ovulation tests. The booklet is a great resource, but I didn't use the chart included because I do that all online, it's just easier for me. However, for someone new to the trying to conceive world, the booklet is very helpful! I love this thermometer too! I have had basal body thermometers in the past, but none of them remembered the previous days temperature, which was difficult if I forgot and needed to go back and check it. This thermometer remembers the previous days temperature, and I have been able to use this feature to go back to and check if I needed to with this cycle, so that has been nice!

I didn't get the kit in time to start taking the vitamins, but I will keep them on hand for the future if need be.

I started taking ovulation tests once a day starting at cycle day 11. They are very easy to read, the only thing I didn't like about them was that the part that your urine hits, needs to be facing you or there won't be enough urine on that part of the strip to make the test work. I am used to having to take the test with it facing away from your body, but that is not the case with these, so sometimes I had to re take the same test because there wasn't enough urine on them. However, they gave me the correct result each time, so I am happy!

The pregnancy tests always come in handy for us early testa-holics! The one thing wrong with these is there were a couple that gave me a false positive really, really early. I was not pregnant yet at that time, yet I could definitely see faint lines on two of the mid stream tests, but they were not true positives. However, the rest were fine and were negative when I was not pregnant, and I took my last one yesterday to compare to my other tests, and of course it was a nice positive for me. :)

I had a wonderful experience with this kit, and would recommend it to everyone trying to conceive! The price is SO cheap for so many helpful items! It's a great buy, a great deal, and the perfect kit for everyone trying to get pregnant. 

To purchase this kit, visit their website as

**DISCLAIMER** I received the above product(s) from Mom Blog Society and Conceive Easy free of charge in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was received. However, all opinions are strictly my own.


Pregnancy exhaustion has set in, so please forgive the lack of posts right now. I have a slew of reviews and giveaways to get posted asap, so hang in there!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Our Family Grows by 2 More Feet...

Our family grows by 2 more feet...

Yep! That's right! 


As most of you know, we shared our journey to trying to conceive our 4th baby several weeks ago. Well, it was successful!! I was 10 days past ovulation yesterday, and took a test first thing in the morning. I thought I saw the slightest, faintest line, but wasn't sure. I took a different brand test, and thought the same thing, but both were too light to really make a decision on if they were positive or negative for sure or not. Last night, I took another brand test again, and there was definitely something there, darker than the first two tests but still not dark enough to say if it was positive or not. I decided I would take one this morning with first morning urine, and sure enough, this is what I saw:

There is really no mistaking that line!! I took another test a few hours later, and still positive, and a clear positive too!

We are over the moon excited! Connor and Merasia are excited too, and Merasia keeps asking us for a baby sister and asking if the baby is in my belly, and saying she wants to see it. SO cute!

Over the last week and a half, I have tried to ignore any potential pregnancy signs, so as not to get my hopes up and then be disappointed. A week or so ago, I had a day of forgetfulness. I made dinner, and it was all ready when the hubs got home, and we had to run out to pick the kids up from daycare. I left the crescent rolls to finish cooking with the oven turned off (it was still way hot) while we did that. Well, of course they were burnt when we got home. Oops! The worse part, was after we had left the kids' daycare and drove down the street, Merasia stood up and said "Mama, you forgot to buckle me in!" We immediately pulled over so I could buckle her in, and of course had a chuckle about that one later. Thankfully, the street isn't a very busy one and there was plenty of time and places to full off and safely buckle her in. There were a couple other times earlier that day that I forgot stuff, but I forget what they were now! ;) No, really. I totally can't remember. Pregnancy brain at it's best! ;)

The tiredness has really hit these last couple of days too. That always seems to be my biggest sign. One thing that is different this time around is the throbbing I get in each breast occasionally. It comes and goes, but I have never had any kind of breast tenderness or pain with my other pregnancies, so this is new territory for me. :)

So, I am 4 weeks, 4 days pregnant, and we are due May 29, 2013! We have told just about all our friends and family, and we just can't wait to be on this journey again, and see what is in store for us this time around!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Mason, Mason, Mason!

It's only fitting that I update on the youngest member (for now!) of our family. I feel like Mason says or does something new every hour of every day, and I lose track of what to update sometimes!

He is quite the singer and dancer, and is very adventurous. He climbs on everything and everyone, but LOVES climbing on the playground slides and bridges and swings at our local school playground. 

He knows where all of his body parts are, too! If you ask him where each one is, he will hold it out for you to see, or point or touch it. He knows head, feet, hands, arms, ears, eyes, mouth, nose, hair, belly, tongue, teeth, toes, legs, and butt.

His words grow every minute, it seems! He is a very active listener and learner, and will try to say everything you say to him. So far, his words include: mama, dada, daddy, hi, hello, connor, merasia, ginny/virginia (our elderly neighbor), ashley, logan, bye bye, night night, milk, more, eat, snack, yeah, no, block, book, bed, cat, dog, kitty, cup, meow, woof woof, vroom vroom, truck, hot dog (from the hot dog song on mickey mouse clubhouse), sit, go, woah, car, i want some, please, thank you, and SO MUCH MORE! 

Mason is very, very good at telling everyone what he wants. Of course having so many words really helps him to be able to tell people what he wants, but he will point to what he wants, show us, use sign language, or just go help himself. 

Mason also loves to draw and color with crayons, markers, pens, or pencils. Painting is another big love, too. :)

He eats everything. No, really. I mean EVERYTHING. He is not a picky eater, at all! He has a couple favorite foods or meals that we eat in our house, such as pasta, pizza, brown sugar chicken, kielbasa with fried potatoes and onions, tacos, beef stew, and shake and bake pork chops.

Mason is very good at feeding himself and using utensils. The twins never ate from dishes, used utensils, or drank from regular cups at this age! I felt like it took them forever to be able to feed themselves, but Mason is a pro. He used forks and spoons all the time. In fact, he gets angry at us if we forget to give him a fork or spoon to use to eat with! He also LOVES drinking from a regular cup! He does really, really well with it too! He first saw Connor and Merasia doing it, and freaked out because he wanted to. At first we were hesitant to let him, but then we put a little water in a regular cup and let him try it, and he hardly loses any of it at all! The only issue with it is that he tries to climb up on the couch while holding his cup and of course it spills. He just doesn't realize that he has to set the cup down first. :)

I can't believe how much of a big boy Mason is! He does things the twins never did for many, many months, but that just goes to prove how different they are as individuals, but also how different preemie twins are from an overdue, very full term singleton pregnancy. :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Favorite Holiday? (Halloween Update!)

I have such a hard time choosing a favorite holiday now that I have kids. It used to be easy for me...Christmas was always my favorite. There's just something about the Christmas music, snow, the Christmas tree, friends and family, gift giving and receiving, and all of those memories that makes me all happy and warm inside. 

Now that I have children, Christmas definitely still ranks high on my list as my favorite holiday. I would say it's still my favorite, because I LOVE shopping for the kids, and sharing all of those fun Christmas memories that I enjoyed as a child, with my own children, such as finding a Christmas tree, decorating it and setting it up, Christmas music, getting together with friends and family, playing in the snow, and Christmas morning and all the joy that comes with it. But I find myself loving all of the other holidays now too, because it seems that each one is fun and memorable in a different way.

Halloween is a close second to my favorite holiday. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE thinking about what costumes the kids will wear each year, and LOVE matching them altogether! I didn't care as much for matching for the twins' first Halloween because we got their costumes on a last minute shopping trip so there wasn't a lot of planning involved. Connor was a lion and Merasia was a spider...a mighty cute lion and spider, I might add. ;)

The next year, I was all about the matching. We decided on Tinker Bell and Peter Pan, because it was WAY cute! I scored a Tinker Bell costume at a local used clothing store for $15 and then scored a pretty good deal on a Peter Pan costume as well...and they were freakin' adorable!!

I think last year was my favorite Halloween thus far. We went all out and did a Wizard of Oz theme. It all started because I thought Merasia would make the perfect Dorothy with her dark brown hair and she loves having it in braids. After deciding on her costume, we went ahead and decided on Connor and Mason's costumes. I scored a cute and cheap scarecrow costume for Connor at another used clothing store, and Mason wore Connor's old lion costume. They were the CUTEST!!

With all of these costumes, it was never difficult to make them warm for the cold Halloweens we tend to have here in Vermont. Clothes easily fit under all of them to keep little feet, hands, arms, and legs toasty and they still looked ridiculously cute! I got tons and tons of compliments on last year's Wizard of Oz theme, too, so it was definitely a hit!

This year, we once again have a theme...The Cat in the Hat!

Connor and Merasia are going to be Thing 1 and Thing 2, which is a PERFECT costume idea for twins! And Mason, of course, is going to be the Cat in the Hat. I have his costumer, and one Thing 1 costume, so I just need to get the other Thing 2 costume for one of the twins, and Halloween is ready and done. I could care less about the kids getting candy. I just love getting them dressed up, and they love it so seeing their joy in it is even better. I love showing them off too, and seeing people's reactions to our costume ideas. 

Frank and I don't dress up, it's useless and I don't care about me, just the kids and how they look and their good time. I love doing matching themes for the kids, and will continue to do so until they protest and won't let me do it any longer. I'm already thinking about next year's costumes....

A Connor & Merasia Update

I feel like I have done a lot of Mason updates lately, and not much on Connor and Merasia. Now that they are no longer in the "months" stages (18 months, 20 months, etc.) it's harder to stay updated with them than it is for Mason, but it's always good to write down what they are saying and doing and share it with all of my lovely readers. ;) Plus, it makes for good memories for me too, as I can go back and read all of these posts.

It's truly amazing how fast they have developed and grown, and with very little help from anybody.

Connor and Merasia both can count to 100 (it might take them a while at times, but just because of their ever changing attention span), sing their ABC's, they know all of their shapes, colors, animals, days of the week, and times of the day (morning, afternoon, or even specific times like 1:30, etc.). Their favorite TV characters and shows are Dora and Diego, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Mickey Mouse, Spongebob Squarepants, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Elmo (and any Sesame Street character, really), and anything to do with the Disney Princesses. They don't watch all of these shows, but have seen all of them at least once. We limit television and movie time in our home, because there is no need for it. We let them watch two half hour shows a day, or one hour long show or movie, and we are very strict on that, because there are millions of other things to do than to sit and stare at the TV all day. The TV is usually on most of the rest of the day, but it's on news or talk shows that I listen to while I clean or play with the kiddos, and they could care less about that stuff, of course.

They love to sing and dance! They can and will sing every single song they hear on the radio or TV (commercials, music videos, etc.). They also sing a great deal of children's songs that they learn at preschool or daycare, such as Bingo, There Were Ten in the Bed, Who Took the Cookie from the Cookie Jar, The Farmer in the Dell, Teddy Teddy Bear, Ring Around the Rosie, the Hoky Poky, and lots of others. They mostly hear country music from us, so nothing that isn't child friendly. Although, Merasia has recently discovered Jesse McCartney and has become a huge fan of him and his songs. They are kid friendly too though (no swears, etc.) and I have to say...I am quite proud that she is a Jesse McCartney fan now. ;) Connor and Merasia's favorite song right now though is definitely "Pontoon" by Little Big Town. :) (Google it...super catchy! ;) )

Connor and Merasia both LOVE to be outside. They would LIVE outside if we let them! As long as it's nice out, the are begging us to eat dinner outside and play. Of course we let them, it's one of the best things for them! You can never get too much outside time and fresh air and it gets them nice and tired for bed time! They love playing dress up and playing pretend, and have the best imaginations I have seen! They don't have any favorite toys...they play with them all in different ways. 

They are constantly saying that the other is their best friend. Merasia will tell Connor, "You are my best friend, Connor" and he tells her the same thing. Until he gets mad, that is, and then he loves to say, "You're not my best friend anymore!" Or his other go-to phrase: "You can't come in my house!" It gets old hearing these so much but you can't help but laugh at the same time!

The twins are very helpful around the house. They pick up their toys and put them in their proper places when they are asked, and love to help with Mason if he is cranky and needs a pacifier, snack, or his cup. They comfort him, play with him, and just love him! They are the perfect big brother and big sister I knew they would be and I know they will be just as great with the next baby. (Merasia still asks me daily for a baby sister...)

They help clean up after meals, love to help vaccuum, sweep and mop, or do the dishes. Another favorite chore they help with is laundry. They also follow in their daddy's foot steps and love to help us cook dinner. I love letting them help with these things and exposing them to new experiences and new things, as it only further prepares them for real school and adulthood, and helps foster their independence, which is such an important thing to support at their age. 

There is so much more I could say about Connor and Merasia, but I would be here all day and night if I tried to include everything. I'll add it to the next update... ;)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Meeting Curious George and Other Weekend Fun!

I love the weekends. My husband doesn't work weekends, and of course the kids don't have preschool or daycare, so it makes for some amazing family time for us, and those are some of my favorite moments and memories.

It's also an opportunity for hubs to score some alone time doing some of the things he loves doing, that he doesn't have the chance to do during the week, like fishing. My good friend Ashley and I took my three children and her 1 year old son to the mall on Saturday to meet Curious George! Frank had been wanting to go fishing for a while now, so this was a good chance for him to do that, since we would be gone all day anyway. It's easier for him to go fishing or do his thing when I have something to do with the kids, because I get a little burnt out by week's end from being home all week with the kids, and look forward to having him around for back up, so staying home while he goes off and does something isn't my cup of tea, but with me gone, it didn't matter much. 

The kids were SO excited to see Curious George! When Mason was a baby, he used to scowl his forehead and he looked just like a little Curious George, so we have joked about that since he was born. Of course we HAD to go meet Curious George just for Mace! ;)

We got there about a half hour after the event started, and even then the line to meet Curious George was SO long! We knew it would be well worth it though! We waited for about an hour, but the kids were so patient and were happy and content watching George from the line.

Even Mason and Logan were patiently waiting in the stroller together...

The whole time we waited in line, Connor and Merasia kept talking about meeting George and how excited they were, but I was skeptical. Merasia has a track record of saying she's excited and is going to meet someone, and then gets really scared when the time comes to actually go up for our turn. And, sure enough, when our turn to meet George came, Merasia FREAKED. I held Mason and went up on the stage and Connor followed. He got a little skittish but was fine standing right next to me. Mason cried for a second when we got up close to George, but got over it fast too and was just mesmerized by him afterwards. Merasia was crying and screaming for me and reaching for me from the floor, but wouldn't come up to get me when I asked her and wouldn't even let me hold her for the meet and picture. We did get some cute pictures of me, Mason, and Connor with Curious George though, and Connor loosened up a little bit and was playing with Curious George a little bit, giving him high fives and giggling.

Ashley and Logan's turn was next, and we tried to see if Merasia wanted to go with Ashley and Logan, but she didn't. She was still so upset and crying. Ashley offered her to go with just her alone, and she still wouldn't, and I even offered to go up again alone with just her, but it was still a no go. I was a little disappointed that she didn't want to go up and meet him when she was soo excited and talked about it for several days and all the time we were in line, but I felt bad that she was so upset and scared. We did get some cute pictures of Ashley and Logan though. ;)

There were a bunch of other activities to do as well, like coloring some Curious George photos, watching Curious George movies, and even the man in the big yellow hat was there, reading Curious George books to the children. We just stayed for meeting Curious George and getting photos with him, and then we headed off to the food court for lunch. After lunch, I had promised Connor and Merasia they could ride the merry go round.

The kids were very well behaved but so exhausted and all passed out on the way Ashley and I enjoyed a quiet ride. :)

That night, neither the hubs or myself felt like cooking or preparing dinner, so we got Chinese take out and had a dinner picnic and a movie. 

It was a great day, and I am so glad we went. And, hubs had a great time fishing and getting in some quiet, alone time. 

On Sunday, we lounged around the house until the afternoon, and then headed off to celebrate Logan's first birthday party! He turned 1 last week and his party was Sunday. His theme was John Deere and we got there a little early to help Ashley decorate and do last minute things to prepare.

The kids had a great time playing with Logan, eating food and other snacks with him, watching and helping him open his presents, checking out all his cool new toys and clothes, and helping him eat cake. ;)

While the weekend was full of friends, family, and fun, it was truly exhausting. I even went to be at 9:30 last night, which is the earliest I have gone to bed in MONTHS! It did feel amazing, though and I felt so rested when I woke up this morning! The weekend and the fun we had and memories we made though, far surpassed how tired we were by the end of it. :)