Sunday, September 9, 2012

Twin Bond

I have spoken many times about the bond we see between Connor & Merasia, and how amazing it is to have twins and see all of the "twin things" that you hear about and read about firsthand. That bond was witnessed yet again the other night.

I had to take Connor to the ER for his ongoing tonsil issue we have been dealing with since June. Merasia was very worried about him, hugging and kissing him before we left and saying, "I love you, Connor!"

Hubs kept her up with him while we were gone so they would go down to bed together when we got back home. But the whole time we were gone, Merasia was clearly concerned and didn't want to be left alone in a room of the house without daddy nearby, because she was so concerned about Connor.

She was very overtired, so I thought for sure she would fall asleep on the couch while I was gone or something, but I was later told that she only was able to relax and fall asleep when I called Frank to tell him we were on our way home and Connor was fine. 

This is such a sweet testament to their bond. Even when they are not together, they are in communication with each other. When one is hurt, the other feels pain too, physically or emotionally. When they are apart for a period of time, they know whether the other is happy, sad, mad, or hurt. 

I think all too often in life we get too wrapped up in the every day goings, errands, appointments, home life, lather, rinse, and repeat. We never stop often enough to see the little things or see the amazing things, and seeing this bond between our children, who have literally shared everything together and been best friends since the second they were conceived, is the most amazing thing in our life, and we could not be more blessed.

We are so lucky!

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