Wednesday, September 5, 2012

"Mommy, I Want A Sister..."

I couldn't believe my ears the first time I heard these words come from my sweet, angelic Meraisa.

She looked at me with the cutest face, and just said it:

"Mommy, I want a sister."

It literally melted my heart.

Since we started Clomid last week, we have been talking to the big kids about having a new baby in the house and what they think of it. Both Connor and Merasia get excited when we talk about it, and now every day I get asked for a baby sister from Merasia, and she asks if there is a baby in my belly or not. I always tell her not yet, but very, very soon there will be. I thought she was a great big sister for Mason, but I can see now that she is going to be an even greater big sister to the newest baby, now that she is so much older and mature and understands more of the world around her.

(Excuse the messy face in this next pic...)

Merasia surprises us daily. She is our spirited child, and we wouldn't have it any other way. She is so independent, has a fiery, feisty attitude, yet can break your heart and make you weak in the knees seconds later. She expresses herself in so many amazing ways. She loves to dance, take care of Mason and her baby dolls, play house, write, read, color, and help mommy with anything and everything.

One of her favorite things to do is go fishing with her daddy. I find this absolutely adorable! She isn't mommy's little girl and she isn't daddy's little girl, she is definitely a mixture of both, it just depends on her mood at the moment. She loves to get dirty and go on fishing trips with daddy, and then transforms right back to her girly girl image when she walks back through the door and puts on a tutu and heels. I love seeing her personality shine through in everything she says and does, and seeing how she expresses herself and what creative ways she figures out next.

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