Friday, September 21, 2012

Mason, Mason, Mason!

It's only fitting that I update on the youngest member (for now!) of our family. I feel like Mason says or does something new every hour of every day, and I lose track of what to update sometimes!

He is quite the singer and dancer, and is very adventurous. He climbs on everything and everyone, but LOVES climbing on the playground slides and bridges and swings at our local school playground. 

He knows where all of his body parts are, too! If you ask him where each one is, he will hold it out for you to see, or point or touch it. He knows head, feet, hands, arms, ears, eyes, mouth, nose, hair, belly, tongue, teeth, toes, legs, and butt.

His words grow every minute, it seems! He is a very active listener and learner, and will try to say everything you say to him. So far, his words include: mama, dada, daddy, hi, hello, connor, merasia, ginny/virginia (our elderly neighbor), ashley, logan, bye bye, night night, milk, more, eat, snack, yeah, no, block, book, bed, cat, dog, kitty, cup, meow, woof woof, vroom vroom, truck, hot dog (from the hot dog song on mickey mouse clubhouse), sit, go, woah, car, i want some, please, thank you, and SO MUCH MORE! 

Mason is very, very good at telling everyone what he wants. Of course having so many words really helps him to be able to tell people what he wants, but he will point to what he wants, show us, use sign language, or just go help himself. 

Mason also loves to draw and color with crayons, markers, pens, or pencils. Painting is another big love, too. :)

He eats everything. No, really. I mean EVERYTHING. He is not a picky eater, at all! He has a couple favorite foods or meals that we eat in our house, such as pasta, pizza, brown sugar chicken, kielbasa with fried potatoes and onions, tacos, beef stew, and shake and bake pork chops.

Mason is very good at feeding himself and using utensils. The twins never ate from dishes, used utensils, or drank from regular cups at this age! I felt like it took them forever to be able to feed themselves, but Mason is a pro. He used forks and spoons all the time. In fact, he gets angry at us if we forget to give him a fork or spoon to use to eat with! He also LOVES drinking from a regular cup! He does really, really well with it too! He first saw Connor and Merasia doing it, and freaked out because he wanted to. At first we were hesitant to let him, but then we put a little water in a regular cup and let him try it, and he hardly loses any of it at all! The only issue with it is that he tries to climb up on the couch while holding his cup and of course it spills. He just doesn't realize that he has to set the cup down first. :)

I can't believe how much of a big boy Mason is! He does things the twins never did for many, many months, but that just goes to prove how different they are as individuals, but also how different preemie twins are from an overdue, very full term singleton pregnancy. :)

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