Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Second Day of Preschool!

Connor and Merasia's second day of preschool, and the last day of their preschool week, was today. They woke up just as excited to go again today and of course, looked cute as ever in their preschool couture:

Once again, they went right in to play and I had to remind them to give me a hug and kiss goodbye! ;)

Mason and I had a busy morning with an appointment and grocery shopping, but he was a trooper through it all!

Connor and Merasia only go to preschool Monday and Tuesday mornings, but the rest of the week they go to daycare, which they also refer to as school, so their fun isn't over yet! 

Mason and mama are still getting used to this new schedule, so we are slightly exhausted by it right now, but soon it will be normal routine and no big deal. 

I'm going to sign the twins up for soccer later this month! I can't wait! I had no idea there was soccer for Pre-K aged children until I looked it up today, and I am so excited for them to get to experience this opportunity! There are so many things I want them to do, and that they ask me to do, like skiing this winter. Because Frank works at the mountain, the children can get free ski passes and free ski lessons, and since they are old enough, we are definitely going to take advantage of that this winter! A lot of people are shocked when I tell them that, because they think the kids will get hurt or something I suppose. But, the reality is they can get hurt staying home with me just as bad as on the ski slope, if not more sometimes. They can get hurt walking down the street, or running and playing in the yard, or going to daycare and school. So, it's really no different. I'm not going to shelter them and not let them experience new things and sports because I'm afraid of them getting hurt. They will get hurt, it happens! I am sure by the time they are adults, they will have broken a few bones and injured too many body parts than I care to remember, but it will still be okay, because the memories they will make with these new experiences far surpass any tears, broken bones, or little scratches here or there. 

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