Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Favorite Holiday? (Halloween Update!)

I have such a hard time choosing a favorite holiday now that I have kids. It used to be easy for me...Christmas was always my favorite. There's just something about the Christmas music, snow, the Christmas tree, friends and family, gift giving and receiving, and all of those memories that makes me all happy and warm inside. 

Now that I have children, Christmas definitely still ranks high on my list as my favorite holiday. I would say it's still my favorite, because I LOVE shopping for the kids, and sharing all of those fun Christmas memories that I enjoyed as a child, with my own children, such as finding a Christmas tree, decorating it and setting it up, Christmas music, getting together with friends and family, playing in the snow, and Christmas morning and all the joy that comes with it. But I find myself loving all of the other holidays now too, because it seems that each one is fun and memorable in a different way.

Halloween is a close second to my favorite holiday. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE thinking about what costumes the kids will wear each year, and LOVE matching them altogether! I didn't care as much for matching for the twins' first Halloween because we got their costumes on a last minute shopping trip so there wasn't a lot of planning involved. Connor was a lion and Merasia was a spider...a mighty cute lion and spider, I might add. ;)

The next year, I was all about the matching. We decided on Tinker Bell and Peter Pan, because it was WAY cute! I scored a Tinker Bell costume at a local used clothing store for $15 and then scored a pretty good deal on a Peter Pan costume as well...and they were freakin' adorable!!

I think last year was my favorite Halloween thus far. We went all out and did a Wizard of Oz theme. It all started because I thought Merasia would make the perfect Dorothy with her dark brown hair and she loves having it in braids. After deciding on her costume, we went ahead and decided on Connor and Mason's costumes. I scored a cute and cheap scarecrow costume for Connor at another used clothing store, and Mason wore Connor's old lion costume. They were the CUTEST!!

With all of these costumes, it was never difficult to make them warm for the cold Halloweens we tend to have here in Vermont. Clothes easily fit under all of them to keep little feet, hands, arms, and legs toasty and they still looked ridiculously cute! I got tons and tons of compliments on last year's Wizard of Oz theme, too, so it was definitely a hit!

This year, we once again have a theme...The Cat in the Hat!

Connor and Merasia are going to be Thing 1 and Thing 2, which is a PERFECT costume idea for twins! And Mason, of course, is going to be the Cat in the Hat. I have his costumer, and one Thing 1 costume, so I just need to get the other Thing 2 costume for one of the twins, and Halloween is ready and done. I could care less about the kids getting candy. I just love getting them dressed up, and they love it so seeing their joy in it is even better. I love showing them off too, and seeing people's reactions to our costume ideas. 

Frank and I don't dress up, it's useless and I don't care about me, just the kids and how they look and their good time. I love doing matching themes for the kids, and will continue to do so until they protest and won't let me do it any longer. I'm already thinking about next year's costumes....

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