Thursday, September 13, 2012

WOW Baby All-In-One Feeding & Teething Bib Review & Giveaway!

If you're a parent (and most of my readers are!) then you know what it's like to deal with a drooling, teething baby. I can't count how many times I have had to change shirts and use bib after bib on all 3 of my kids when they went through teething, and of course every time they eat. Most of the store bought bibs we had would soak through to their clothes, hence the endless changing of outfits every couple of hours.

I thought these WOW Baby all in one feeding and teething bibs were so creative and a great idea! So when I was approached with the opportunity to review one, I jumped at the chance! 

From their website:

 "Founded in 2008, Wow Baby! is an innovative American baby product company based in New York.  What started in Bridgette's kitchen as a quick fix to address her teething baby's drool has evolved into essential Wow Baby! products.

At Wow Baby! we believe in giving you the most value out of our baby product.  As such, you would find that our innovative products are designed to be multi-functional and high quality.  The Wow Baby! removable (re-useable) waterproof cover, has an American Patent(US Patent No. 7,827,618), and it is highly recommended by parents and physicians."

I received the green all in one feeding and teething bib for my review.

These bibs are WAY cool! They are normal, regular bibs for everyday use with the waterproof liner detached from it. For an extra drooly or teething baby, simple attach (velcro!) the waterproof liner to avoid the bib soaking through to your little one's clothing. The waterproof liner is easy to attach and detach, and to clean it, you can simply wipe it off, or through the bib in the washer, and even in the dryer! With other feeding bibs we have, they can't be dried because they are vinyl or some other material, and will melt in the washer. But the WOW baby bibs can be thrown in the dryer because they won't crack or melt like others! I love that feature!

Like other bibs, there is still a catch all pocket for feeding baby. I LOVE bibs with pockets, it makes clean up so much easier to contain messes, so I was happy to see that this new innovative bib still had that one feature. 

Another cool feature of these bibs, is that they are reversible! None of the other bibs we have are reversible, and very few on the market today are either, so this is a huge positive aspect of this bib!

There are a variety of colors and designs for this bib too, which is always nice so you can get a pattern or color you can be happy with. 

The only negative thing I have to say is that it took quite a long time for me to get this bib for review, because the launch of it kept getting delayed. However, I now see that it was WELL worth the wait and I am very happy with yet another new and exciting baby product on the market!

Purchase it: You can purchase one of these bibs at the WOW Baby website! 

WIN it: ONE lucky reader of Mama 2 Multiples is going to WIN one of these bibs AND a WOW baby pacifier and toy clip! To enter, simply follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter form below!


jmajor4870 said...

i like the sunrise pattern

Unknown said...

I like the diamond set.

Anne N. said...

I like Hollywood squares.

Heather Dawn said...

I like Hollywood Squares!
-Heather S

Unknown said...

Those are great bibs. I wonder what type of closure is being used for the bibs?

Jason Statham said...

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