Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Another Surgery

After the twins got their tubes in their ears back in July, I was hoping that would be it for surgery for them for, like, ever. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case now. 

Back in June, we picked the kids up from daycare one night and Connor was telling Frank to look at something in his throat. We looked and were schocked to see a weird growth looking thing that was covering one whole side of his throat.  We went to the ER and were told he just had big tonsils. Well I knew that wasn't right, because it was the first time this had ever happened and if he just had big tonsils, they would have been big from the time he was born, and they weren't. The doctor did a strep test and told us Connor had tonsillitis. He said it should clear up on it's own in a week or two but if not, take him to see his regular pediatrician. 

Fast forward a couple of weeks. His throat was about the same, so we went to see his regular pediatrician. He said no way was it tonsillitis, because it would have been gone by that time if it really was. He gave us an antibiotic to try, and when that wasn't making any difference, we tried a different medication, that also didn't work. His doctor was at a loss and said there wasn't much else to do unless it started causing severe issues.

I wasn't happy with that answer, and sought out a second opinion from the twins' ear, nose, and throat doctor who would be performing the tube surgery. He said it was fine at the time, that he had tonsil stones and they may or may not go away at some point in his life, but if it started to cause speech or breathing issues or got worse, to have him come back in.

It all seemed fine until yesterday morning. Frank noticed that one of his tonsils was huge again and covering one whole side of his throat year again. It had started to shrink a couple days before that, but not it was flaring up again. This time though, we noticed a difference in his speech, and he was having difficulty breathing, especially at night. It was making me scared to leave him to sleep at night, in fear that he wouldn't be able to breathe and wouldn't wake up. 

I took him to the ER last night, and they gave him a steroid that is good for 36 hours, to bring the swelling down to open his airways, as well as another antibiotic just in case. I was instructed to call the ear, nose, and throat doctor asap and get him seen, as it was recommended the tonsils come out but only the specialist can make that decision.

So, tomorrow, we are off to the city to get him seen and I guess we will have to go from there. But, most likely, he will be going back in for surgery very, very soon, and this time for more then just tubes in his ears. I'm sad and nervous thinking about that, but it needs to be done, he deserves to feel better and we deserve to not have to stress over this every other week. 

I will update after we speak with the doctor tomorrow (Thursday!)


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