Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The County Fair 2013!

One of my favorite things about July in our town is the county fair that comes every year for the last weekend of the month. It can be a little pricey to get in for a bigger family and for such a smaller county fair, but it's very worth it to see the fun the kids have and the smiles it brings to their faces, along with the many memories we make in the process.

This year we went with our friends Jenn and Terry and their two little ones who are best friends with our kids, as well as my mom. 

All of the kids had a ton of fun going on all of the rides (some more than once!), enjoying fair food, seeing a magic show, a clown show, going on pony rides (Connor and Mason's first time!), watching the exciting (and LOUD!) truck pulls, and enjoying the petting zoo!

Merasia thought she was on a roller coaster...

She passed out during the truck pulls...

Merasia and Cloey!

Part of the magic show:

Connor and Cloey plugging their ears at the truck pulls!

We got our faces painted!

This pic kind of got cut off, but Mason thought he was on a roller coaster! LOL

Mason petting the dog after the magic show!

Kendall hanging out!

Mason fell asleep during the truck pulls too...

Waiting for the magic show to start!

This was Mason's first time to really be able to enjoy rides, since he was so young last year during the fair and when we went to Santa's Village. He LOVED going on rides, and would have done it over and over if we let him! He cried and got really upset after he had to get off every ride, but was fine as long as we kept going from ride to ride. It was also his first time getting his face painted, and Connor and Mason had their first pony ride too. Mason was too small last year and Connor was scared last year. He was a little scared this year too but was fine if daddy walked along with him, and Mason clung to me the whole time but towards the end was fine and after it was said and done, he loved it!

By that evening, we were all very, very happy to see our beds! It was a fun filled day, and we can't wait to do it again next year! In the meantime, our annual family mini vacation and Santa's Village trip is in 2 weeks!! Lots to share from that when we get back, I'm sure!! ;)

Special Time With My Oldest

With the addition of Mason, and then the most recent addition of baby Kendall, it's been harder and harder for me, Frank, or both of us to steal some alone time with just Connor & Merasia. It's really important to us to make the extra effort to have one of us go off and do something fun with the twins, or for both of us to be able to go take the twins together to share some time without the littlest ones. There was a time that Connor and Merasia were the center of our world and got all of our attention, even if they did share a little with their twin. It's a big adjustment with their little brother and little sister being a part of the family now, so it's important to make every effort we can to make time just for them.

With that said, yesterday was a semi rough day for all of the kiddos (and thus, on mama too!), so when daddy got home, he stayed home with Mason and Kendall and got dinner prepared, while I took Connor and Merasia to a local park for a little walk and some nice alone time.

They had so much fun! It was very low key, but they had a great time pointing out and laughing at our shadows as we walked, looking at the trees that had fallen down from a recent storm, checking out the water, pretending to be quiet so the bugs could stay asleep, and seeing some dogs that were walking and playing around the park too. Frank and I actually got married at this park, so that was a nice little story to share with the twins, too. 

It was such a nice time, even though it wasn't a very long walk. I know they enjoyed the time away from the house and their younger siblings, I enjoyed a little break from these same four walls, and savoring time with our oldest babies. I look forward to many more times like these!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Purex Fabric Softener Sheets Review & Giveaway!

With as often as I do laundry, and with the amount I have each time it's time to do it, it's important to me to have a good quality laundry detergent, and good quality fabric softener sheets for that extra bit of softness and fresh, pretty scents.

I have been a faithful Purex laundry detergent user for about a year or so now, but always switched brands of fabric softener sheets, always trying to find the one brand I could stay faithful to and really love enough to use ever single time. I think I have finally found that in Purex Fabric Softener Sheets!

For my review, I received a small box of Purex Fabric Softener Sheets in sweet lavender scent. I was so excited to try them out right away when laundry day arrived a couple of days later! 

The first thing I noticed was, of course, the scent! They smell soooooooooo good! After drying our laundry using these fabric softener sheets, all of our clothes were so soft and snuggly, and smelled beyond amazing! They always smell good, but Purex Fabric Softener Sheets leave them smelling even BETTER!

Not only do these fabric softener sheets leave clothes smelling amazing and feeling so soft, but they reduce static cling and repel pet hair and lint, too! How can you go wrong??

Purex Fabric Softener Sheets aren't just good for laundry though! You can tuck a sheet or two in dresser drawers, under seats in your car, in linen closets, shoes, hampers, even at the bottom off your trash can to keep your whole house smelling nice and fresh! I keep our laundry supplies in the same closet our trash can is in, so every time I open the door to that closet, it smells lavender fresh just from the box sitting on the shelf! Who knew fabric softener sheets could double as air fresheners? ;)

Once again, this is another Purex product that I could not be happier with!

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Soft Scrub Mold & Mildew Stain Remover Gel Review & Giveaway!

As a Purex Insider, I have had the opportunity to review several Soft Scrub cleaning products, and have to say I have my new favorite brand of cleaning supplies!

I was recently sent yet another new Soft Scrub product to test out, and couldn't wait to put it to use!

Soft Scrub Mold and Mildew Stain Remover is a new, unique spray. Although, unlike other spray bleach cleaners that produce a fine mist of bleach vapors, Soft Scrub Mold and Mildew Stain Remover is a thicker gel. (Taken from company pamphlet of product information)

When sprayed, the gel clings to the surface to better penetrate and remove tough stains. 

Hubs was the first to really use this product and try it out on our bathroom. Here are some before shots:

I really love that this cleaner is a gel product! It's so neat to see how it works to REALLY pull the dirt, grime, and mildew off of tough stains! I LOVE these shots of the cleaner in progress as it pulls the dirt right off our tub!

I was very impressed with how well Soft Scrub Mold and Mildew Stain Remover cleaned our tub and other bathroom surfaces!

This was our tub after using this bathroom cleaner:

I tried this cleaner in our kitchen sink recently too, and it left it looking so clean and shiny!

The spray gel in progress:

After cleaning:

I also really like that when I wipe the surface with this bathroom cleaner, I can literally FEEL it running and smearing all over the surface, so I know I am getting every single little corner and crevice of the stained surface, and getting a FULL clean from this product. 

The scent isn't very strong either, so though it definitely smells clean afterwards, it's not overwhelming, which is good since I don't like a lot of cleaners with strong odors because of the little ones running around! :)

I recommend wearing clothes you don't care about and old rags or paper towels that can be thrown away afterwards, since there is bleach contained in this product. ;)

Yet again, another new Soft Scrub product that this mama is very happy with!

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