Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mason is Potty Training!!

I think it's officially safe to say that Mason is officially potty training! 

He started expressing interest in the potty a few months ago, so whenever he would go to the bathroom door and ask to go in, we would let him go and sit on the potty to get used to it, even though it was rare he actually went. We bought him a Mickey Mouse potty for his birthday since he started asking to use the potty at home right before he turned 2. Much to our surprise, he had NO interest in using his Mickey potty AT ALL. He preferred to use the big boy potty in the bathroom with the potty seats that his big brother and big sister use, because he saw them use it all the time and it was just more fun for him, so the Mickey Mouse potty has practically been shoved into the corner and collecting dust. 

Through the last couple of months, Mason has continued to ask to use the potty more and more. The first couple of times he ever used it, he pooped and peed a few times over the course of a few days or weeks. 

A few days ago, he got his diaper changed before nap time, and when he woke up after a few hours, his diaper was still dry so we set him on the potty to see if he had to go, and sure enough, he peed!

Yesterday, he dropped everything he was playing with at one point, and walked over to the bathroom door and told me, "i gotta go pee pee." I went in and made sure he didn't poop before he took his diaper off, and then we let him do the rest. He lifts the toilet cover, puts the potty seat on the potty, gets up by himself to sit, does his business, then gets off, flushes the toilet, closes the lid, shuts the light off, shuts the door behind him, and comes out to lay down and get a new diaper back on. He loves to be very independent!

He asked to use the potty a few times yesterday afternoon and actually went each time we sat him on it. I think it's safe to say he is actively potty training! 

This is a BIG excitement for me and Frank, as the twins never had much of any interest in the potty as active as Mason until they were 3, or 3 1/2 years old. I'm hoping this means Mason will be potty trained a little quicker than his older siblings were, but I'm not holding my breath or counting on that quite yet. We have yet to try Mason in undies. I am still trying to get used to being home with 4 kiddos, one of them being a newborn, and still trying to get some sort of routine down with all 4 kids, so to add Mason in undies to that mix, when he isn't quite good enough at telling me and using the potty as well (especially with poop) yet, would just be too much right now. BUT, we ARE int he early stages and that's a good enough start for us! ;)

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