Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Seventh Generation WINNER!

According to Random.org, the winner of the Seventh Generation giveaway is............................

Maryam!!!!!! (I need your real name and email addy!) LOL

The winner has 48 hours to reply to my email before I will have to choose another winner.

Check back for the next review and giveaway veerrrrryyyy sooon! :-)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Tree!

We finally got our Christmas tree last week! We were planning on getting a real one, but my sister in law went Christmas shopping for the kiddos, and ended up buying us a fake one. She didn't know we wanted a real one, but we didn't care much either way. We were just excited to finally get one at all!

So we set about the next day setting the tree up and decorating it. Didn't go so well.

The kids LOVE the tree. They love it so much, they wouldn't leave anything alone on it. It came pre lit, and I put garland on it, but only on the top...and I put the glass and other special or breakable ornaments on the top as well, and silly little plastic ornaments on the bottom, ones that I didn't care as much for. That lasted all of 10 minutes. As it stands now, our tree looks pretty pitiful. There is still garland on the top along with the topper and glass ornaments...but NOTHING on the bottom. The kids took the plastic ornaments all off...some are in the heater vent, some were thrown downstairs in the basement...and the rest are MIA. At first I followed behind them constantly, putting ornaments back on as they took them off. But after the 104,857,467,294 billionth time they took them off after I had put them back on, I gave up.

I'm holding out more hope for next year though, as they will be better able to understand "no" and "don't touch."

They do like the tree when it's lit up though. Merasia points and says "Petttty" (pretty), and they both point to each little light bulb and say "hot! ouch!" LOL Such little flippin' cuties!!!

Here are some photos to share of the kids helping me decorate the tree...

Monday, December 13, 2010

Seventh Generation Review and Giveaway!

This review and giveaway is LOOOOOOONG overdue! But, better late than never, right? ;-)

It seems that with having little ones around, there never ceases to be tons of house cleaning to be done. It's even more important to keep up with house cleaning and disinfecting with the kiddos, to keep germs from spreading and keep them healthy, most of all. I came across Seventh Generation's products, and learned they are a Vermont company! I contacted them immediately, and asked if I could do a review of some of their products, and Meghan got back to me quickly, and told me to go ahead and pick out a kit of my choice. I chose the Free and Clear Start Kit, which came with these items:

Disinfecting multi surface cleaner
Disinfecting bathroom cleaner
Disinfecting wipes
Laundry detergent
Liquid fabric softener
Dish liquid
All purpose cleaner
Auto dish pacs
Glass cleaner
Natural paper towels
Seventh Generation recycled bag

I received the kit within a few short days, and immediately got to use with everything. Some of the products contained a Thyme scent, which took a little getting used to, but it goes away fast, and most importantly, the products CLEAN and sanitize WELL, which is the very important point.

The bathroom cleaner made out tub and shower shine, and the glass cleaner worked great on our windows. I loved the laundry detergent and fabric softener, and it made our clothes oh so soft and cuddly, and with no harsh scents or chemicals, which is a huge bonus!

With two messy toddlers, there are many various surfaces to clean all day, every day, and the multi purpose cleaner and disinfecting wipes worked great for this, and all of the products lasted for a long time, since I only needed to use a small amount to get the jobs done, unlike some other products on the market today.

All in all, I am VERY happy with Seventh Generation products, and will continue using them for my disinfecting and cleaning needs in the future. They are a great company to work with on reviews such as this, as well. Service is friendly and fast, always a plus. ;-)

Now, for the good stuff...

ONE lucky reader of A Day in the Life of a Mother of Multiples will receive the same free and clear starter kit that I was lucky enough to review!

How to Enter:


1. Follow my blog publically

2. Head over to www.seventhgeneration.com and sign up for Seventh Generation Nation and post a comment here that you did so


1. Comment on another of my blog posts (1 extra entry)

2. Write a blog entry about this giveaway, and post a link here that you did so (3 extra entries)

3. Check out Seventh Generation's website, and post a comment here about which product is your favorite if you have tried it out, or which you would be interested in trying out in the future (1 extra entry)

Post a separate comment for each entry...if an entry says it gives you 2 or 3 extra entries, post 3 separate comments...it makes counting and choosing a winner easier. :-)

Giveaway ends on December 27 at MIDNIGHT. Winner will be chosen at random and announced the next day.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

23 (Close Enough!) Months

In a few days, my babies will be 23 months. In exactly a month, there will be no more counting their age in months...it turns to YEARS. How have we gotten here so quickly?? I can barely remember when they were itty bitty newborns....

Though I miss those first few weeks and months terribly, I have to say...there is nothing like experience 21-24 months! A friend of mine had 2 year old twins at the time ours were born, and she was constantly telling me how much fun age two was, and all the cute and amazing things her twins were doing at that age. I didn't think anything could top the feelings I had of them being infants, but I see I was wrong! While all of the months have been oodles and oodles of fun, THIS age is a BLAST!!

I can't believe how smart Connor and Merasia are! I know that sounds bad, but really, as a first time parent, you never really know how amazing it is when your children start to learn things simply by observing their environment and people around them.

They both say tons of works to get things they want or need. Merasia knows there are always cookies on the counter or in the cupboard, and she points and asks "Cookie?" Connor knows he gets an m&m every time they go pee or poop in the potty, so he'll step in the potty over the little sensors that set the music off, and then start clapping like he went to the bathroom...only, we know better...and the fact that he does this when he is wearing a diaper or fully clothed is a dead giveaway that he's fibbing and just trying to get his treat! Very cute, and smart. You gotta hand it to the guy! ;-)

There was a time about 5 or so months ago when other toddlers the same age as the twins were feeding themselves successfully, and I thought we'd never see that day. They fed themselves certain things by hand but had no idea how to use utensils well like other kids their age, so I was still the one feeding them yogurts, soups, and applesauce to prevent huge spills and messes. That has completely changed. With every single meal, Connor and Merasia use their forks and spoons, and the mess is usually minimal. Of course, that definitely depends on what type of food being eaten. Soups and pastas of course are slightly messier, but it melts my heart and makes me so amazed when I see them being such big kids.

The twins experienced their first REAL adventures in snow the other day. (See soon to come separate post for that fun and pics!) Nothing could take the smile away from my face as I re-lived childhood winter time fun through the eyes of Connor and Merasia.

Every time the twins get their shoes and jackets on, they go for the door and try to open it, saying "Ba-bye!" They know that when they get those things on and they see mommy and daddy getting their coats and shoes on, it's time to go "ba bye!" So adorable. ♥

When bedtime approaches and we tell them it's time to go "night night" they repeat after us and grab their blankies, pacis, and seahorses, and follow us into their room to get snuggled and kissed and tucked in for the night. Or, if we aren't putting them down for a nap or bedtime when they are ready, they tell us they are ready by coming to us and saying "nigh-nigh" or going and standing by their beds with their blankies and/or seahorses, signaling that they want to be tucked in and catch some Zzzz's.

Every time Merasia trips and falls, she says "ouch!" She points to her bumps, bruises, and scrapes, and says "ouch!" She takes a bite of her food, and if it's still a little too hot for her liking, she says "ahhht (hot), ouch!" Or she goes up to the oven, points, and says "ahht, ouch!" Connor does the same, only he doesn't say ouch, he says "OW!"

Merasia LOVES her babies. She has many baby dolls, and is constantly walking around the house saying "baby! baby!" She cradles them sweetly in her arms, hugs them and says "Awwww," puts them on her shoulder and "burps" them (pats their back), and gives them lots of kisses. She also knows there is a baby in mommy's belly and is always coming up to me, rubbing and kissing my belly, and cooing, in her sweet girly voice, "baby, baby?"

Connor, on the other hand, comes up to my belly and says "ball!" LOL Everything round, to him, is a ball. Apples, oranges, grapes, olives, balloons, potatoes, onions...all of these, and many other things, are "ball!" We correct him, of course, but it's just so cute to not have a little giggle at his innocence. ♥

Merasia loves bath time and asks us at least once a day (most of the time way more than once!), "Are we taking bashsss? (bath)" Connor doesn't ask for baths, but he will stand at the bathroom entrance (blocked with a baby gate) and point and yell at the shower, signaling that he wants to get in. He also tells us he needs to go potty by going over and sitting down on the potty fully clothed, in which case we strip him down and take his diaper off and allow him to sit. Sometimes he goes, sometimes not, but at least he tries to tell us in time.

They aren't shy about telling us they are ready to eat either. They go over to the table and climb up into their booster seats and sit and wait until we get the hint and get them their food together. And when their cups are empty, they come and hand them to us to refill and say thank you when we do, or go throw them in the sink and wait for us to figure it out. They say thank you with almost everything. Almost every time we refill their cups and hand them back to them, when we give them a snack they ask for, when we give them breakfast/lunch/dinner, when we change their diaper, put on shoes, get them dressed, give them a toy they want, and so on. We are still working on please, but thank you is an AWESOME start! :-)

They greatly enjoy trying to help us clean up. If we give them a clean wash cloth or a baby wipe, they will go about wiping down the floor, table, their high chairs, walls...everything. They love the broom and always try to take it from us when we are sweeping the floor. (A pretend cleaning set is at the top of our Christmas list!) Oh, and they love, love, LOVE the telephone. The other night, Merasia talked to one of her grandma's (Frank's mother) on the phone. Frank's mother asked her if Santa was coming to visit her soon, and Merasia's reply: "Ba-byyye!" LOL How could you NOT crack up with that? She is the one that will definitely have a conversation over the phone with almost anyone. Hubs walked into the room the other day to find her on the phone, jibbering away to someone...who knows what number she ended up dialing, but hubs just quickly hung the phone up! Connor likes to talk on the phone too, but he gets this glimmer in his eye and a big smile crosses his face when he hears a voice on the other end talking to him. He is curious how it's happening and where it's coming from, and sometimes will reply back with something, or simply just giggle.

They both have got some awesome dance rhythm too! Hubs was listening to some old school music the other night, and he started dancing with the twins and snapping his fingers. It didn't take long for Connor to start bobbing his head to the music and trying to snap his fingers along with daddy. I wish I could have gotten it on video, but he stopped every time I came in the room to see him! Little stinker! Merasia has a load of dance moves that she breaks out with every time she hears a song that she decides she likes and is suitable to dance to. I must get these dance moves on video ASAP! :-)

I just can't believe how much fun these guys are at this age. I love experiencing everything through their eyes, and seeing how they experiment in the world around them and how they learn and grow every day. It amazes me every second of the day I am with them, and I never want it to end. ♥