Monday, January 25, 2010

Dinner, Dinner, Dinner!

A friend of mine recently spent $50 for the WHOLE WEEK for groceries. I thought that was AMAZING! What did she do differently than most? She planned out dinner for every night during the week, and bought only what she needed for the various meals, plus some yummy snacks here and there. ;-)

It got me thinking...we could do that! And then that would get rid of the daily issue of figuring out what we want for dinner every single night. It would already be planned for us! And maybe, just maybe, we'd save a little money in doing so.

What do you all think? Who else plans their weekly meals out a week or two ahead of time and in turn, saves money on their grocery bill? Share your experiences with me. :-)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Adventures with Merasia

After my post dedicated to Connor, it's only fair that a post gets dedicated solely to Miss Thang herself, Merasia Madelyn. :-)

Dear Merasia,

You are quite the handful! You always have been. Lately, you have become more and more adventurous, fun loving, and all around, a happy baby!

While you have your very dramatic moments and throw a pretty good tantrum, you are very enjoyable to be around 95% of the time. (hehe)

You laugh at EVERYTHING. No, really. Every little thing makes you laugh out loud. Nobody has to do or say anything to you, and you're laughing. You wake up from your nap, and laugh. You wake up in the morning, and laugh. You eat...and you laugh. You play, and of course you laugh. You poop, and you laugh.

Hearing your little giggles and full belly laughs at anything and everything makes us forget all of the hard, not so fun moments of the first year as your parents. It makes us forget out day to day struggles, trials, and tribulations, and focus on the here and now. YOU do that to us. And we are so thankful for it.

Too many times, we adults don't take time out of our busy days to just indulge in the simple things in life, forget everything else, and yes, just laugh.

Being parents changes that. A LOT. In the short year that you have been in our lives, we have taken more time to see the good in everything and everyone, to see the glass as half full rather than half empty, to see inner beauty in everyone we meet, to indulge in simple things, take in the breathtaking views as we drive here, there, and everywhere, and to laugh along with you.

Thank you for blessing us every day, both you and your brother, and for helping us to stop for just a few minutes and take in the little things in life that are really important.

Connor & Merasia:

Thank you for bringing laughter back to our lives, and making everyday brighter just by being YOU.

Mommy & Daddy

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Merasia said "Uh Oh" yesterday. BEFORE "mama."

Really, Merasia? REALLY?!

Oh well.

At least Connor says "mama." :-)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dedicated to Connor

Being twins, Connor & Merasia don't always get "one on one" time with either me or hubs. So, I figure it only fitting to dedicate an entire post to each of them, separately.

Here's to Connor! ♥

Dear Connor,

I wanted to write you this letter, simply for you. Not for you and your sister, but just YOU. Because, though you are twins, you are also individuals. Separate, special little people!

You are the oldest, but you have definitely taken your time in growing and developing. Though you rolled over really early, at 2 months old, and started sleeping through the night every night at 5 months, but those were the only thing you were advanced on. Well, that and teething. :-)

You cut your first two teeth at 6 or 7 months, much earlier than your sister!

But, everything else, she did before you; Sitting up, creeping, crawling, "talking," pulling up, standing alone, and now, almost walking.

Lately, however, we have seen a huge change in you and your development. You get up on your hands and knees and almost crawl! You started pulling up to your knees a few weeks ago, and then would get frustrated when you couldn't stand all the way up or get back down. Shortly after that, you started getting to your feet at least once a day. We got more and more excited. Sometimes you would even fall down, but land smack on your butt and stay sitting there instead of fall over! That excited us even further!

Now, you are pulling up to stand whenever, wherever, on WHATEVER! You still don't get from a laying down position to a sitting position, but will sit up if put there. You still creep to get where you gotta go, but that's okay. It seems that you have your own pace at doing things, and that's fine.

We were so worried about you for a few months. We thought you were behind, despite our best efforts to support you in each new development with each passing month. Now, however, we see that we had nothing to worry about and you growing and developing just fine.

We couldn't be more relieved and so very proud of you, buddy.

We love you so much and thank God every day that He blessed us with you and your sister.

While we don't expect you to walk or speak your first "real" word anytime soon, we look forward to what you have in store for us for the coming months and years, and can't wait to see you grow and develop even more!

At your own pace, of course.


Mommy & Daddy

Monday, January 18, 2010


Boo hoo, boo hoo.

Get over it, and stop crying about it already.


It's ridiculous, and pathetic.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Exploding Poops or Messy Meals?

I love my children, trust me, I really do. I don't, however, love the mess that comes with them.

In the beginning of their lives, feeding wasn't much of an issue. Make a bottle of warm formula, feed them, burp them, maybe deal with a little spit up, but it was nothing a burp cloth couldn't handle.

They had the once in a while messy poop, but I handled it with ease.

At 4.5 months, the twins were started on solids. We skipped over rice cereal altogether; there's really no need for it anyway. We started with green beans and peas, and they loved them and took to them right away. It never really occurred to me that they would make a mess when eating. But after a week of being on solids, and a few ruined outfits later, I started stripping. It was easier as far as messes went, but a bit more time consuming for mama.

Eight months later, and things have gotten semi-easier. I don't strip the babies down for every single meal. I've become a bit more "anal" about wiping any dribbles away with the spoon as they eat, and they are no longer obsessed with spitting the food at me or eating their hands while they eat their meals, which saves on the mess. But, when we have a meal that I know will get messy without a doubt (spaghetti, for instance), they get stripped, most definitely.

The worse part of it all? I HATE CLEANING UP THE MESS. I hate cleaning them up afterwards, and I hate cleaning the surrounding area up, including their booster seats, trays, the floor. It just grosses me out. I know that's silly, but it's true.

Now, give me an exploding poopy diaper any day, I'll gladly clean them up from that, put them in a new, fresh diaper, stain treat and soak their clothes, and then do a load of laundry to completely get rid of stains and mess, no problem at all. Doesn't gross me out a bit.

But give me a messy, freshly fed child plastered with crumbs, half chewed fragments of food in every roll on their body and in their hair to boot, and be prepared for a cringe from this mama!

While I love my children dearly, and of course would never think of not feeding them because I am grossed out by any mess they may make, I do have to admit that one thing I absolutely cannot wait for is for meal times to become a bit more civilized...and for my children to eat every meal with their clothes on, and at least keep them semi-clean.

Could you imagine two 16-year-olds eating dinner in just their underwear?

What a sight that would be!


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Censoring Myself

Have you ever felt like you can't say something on your mind, in fear of what people may think of you? It's not a very good feeling. Let me share my story!

In 2008, I joined the website, I was looking for support after experiencing my second miscarriage. I jumped from group to group on the message boards, trying to find where I fit in, and who I "clicked" with. I finally found a wonderful group of girls that I really connected with, and that supported me in my hard time. And the best part was we were all trying to conceive at the same time, so we could support each other through those troubles. Eventually, we all got pregnant, and embarked on another new, exciting journey together towards motherhood. We were there for each other through thick and thin, good times and bad, just like friends should be. I connected with these girls more than I ever connected with my friends in "real" life, and it was so nice to have them to talk to and share laughs, tears, joys, and sorrows with.

Fast forward to late last year. I was in a sticky situation with a wedding involving Frank's best friend and the babies' Godparents. Long story short, the bride and I had a falling out over silly stuff, I was uninvited to the wedding, and Frank and I were trying to figure out a good compromise for him to go to the wedding to support his friend as his best man, without it being awkward without me or having me stuck at home, upset over something so stupid and silly. I vented to these girls about it, like we all did. Every time we had something difficult going on in our lives, we shared it with each other, got advice from each other, and supported each other. But I guess not this time. Not for me, anyway. At first, I got great support and advice. But then it turned into calling me out as being "immature," "childish," "selfish," and so on and so forth. Suddenly, I felt very different toward some (NOT ALL) of these girls I thought were my good friends. Why was I being ganged up on and called out for doing what everyone else did? I was sharing yet another hardship in this crazy journey called life, looking for the support of these girls whom I considered to be like sisters to me, and all I got in return were insults and hurtful words. Some were meant to be constructive criticism, and I could appreciate that. But others were simply meant to be hurtful, to push me out of the group.

I took a break from posting for a while, to let things blow over and get back to "normal." But, when I came back, ready to start over, I got a surprise. Apparently, everybody had left that group, and gone on to form another different private group, without me. And nobody told me. Nobody even had the courage or "balls" enough to give me a straight up answer when I confronted them about it and asked what the heck was going on. Pretty shitty, right?

While I still think very fondly of a select few of these girls (4 or 5 to be exact), and I know they had no big part in it, it's still upsetting. Or, it was before. I've come to the point now where I just don't care. But, to be so close with these girls for so long, and then be ganged up on and then after all of that, be made to look like an idiot as some of them conspired behind my back to run off and make another group was even worse. Don't get me wrong, it was nice to finally see who my true friends were. But, it would have been even nicer if I didn't waste over a year of my time with some of these ladies, thinking they were my friends when really, they weren't. I shared extremely personal things with these girls, things I don't take lightly or share with just anyone, and in turn, I got stabbed in the back.

I am still friends with a few of these girls, off of the boards though. These are the select few that I hold nothing against, as I know it wasn't their idea, they weren't the "masterminds" behind it.

Right after all of this happened, I felt like I had to censor myself on my social networking sites where most of those girls were on my friend's list, in fear that if I didn't "watch" what I said in my status updates, etc., I would be looked down on again, and insulted further. If these people had really been my friends to begin with, I wouldn't have to censor myself or feel so awkward. I don't feel that way with my other friends.

The bottom line is:

I shouldn't have to censor myself from posting what I want, when I want, because some people can't handle information in a professional manner.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Peek-A-Boo with Daddy

One Year Check Up

Connor and Merasia had their one year check up yesterday. Everything went well! No shots for their one year appointment, thank goodness! We did have the other half of their seasonal flu shot to do, but that was it. We were supposed to get it done a couple of months ago, shortly after the first dose, but the twins' doctor had surgery and was out of work for a while.

Weights and heights are good, and developmental milestones are getting hit wonderfully, and even advanced for their "age" since they were 5 weeks early. We have to go to the "big" hospital an hour and a half away in a couple of weeks for a follow up hearing screening. Every preemie has to go through a hearing screening when they are born, and have follow ups every year after that. They passed the one in the hospital right before we were discharged, and the doctor isn't concerned about their hearing now (nor are we), but it's just good to stay on top of all that preemie issue stuff. :-) We've been meaning to get down to that hospital since the babies were born anyway, to visit the wonderful nurses and doctors I had when I was there on bed rest for 3 weeks before delivery, and this will be the perfect time...even if it is a year later!

It still hasn't hit me that my babies are ONE! I'm waiting for it to set in, but...I got nothing so far! Maybe that's good. I don't want to rush it! But, soon enough, we'll have another teeny, tiny baby to snuggle and cuddle and that won't run away from us every time we try... ;-)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Shame, Shame, Shame on You

Don't you love when people call you a bad parent?

I Don't.

As some of you may have seen a few days ago, I wrote a letter to my children for their first birthday. I saw a fellow blogger (by no means a friend, mind you) had written a letter to their child for their first birthday as well. Did I copy this other person's letter? Nope. That's silly. If I copied her letter to a tee, it would be written to her child, not mine. Am I the only one that sees how ridiculous that is? Did I copy the format that the letter was in, meaning the topics of the letter, the way it was laid out, etc.? Yeah. Did I think it was a good idea? Yep. In fact, I thought it was a great idea over a year ago, when I started our journal to our children. And yet, I stand accused of copying this person's letter to a tee and using it as my own, and so forth and so on. Here's a news flash: You're not the only one to write a letter to your child for their birthday. This is the pettiest thing I have ever been involved with, yet, I am made out to be the bad person in all of this, to be called a bad parent, to be called stupid, a liar, foolish, and immature, among other insults to my character.

I can think for myself like no other. I've written many personal journals for my children, but would never publish them on the internet. They are personal, meant for the eyes of myself, my husband, and my children only, and are kept only in their personal journal they will receive one day. Everything I write to and about my children is from my heart, as it should be from every parent.


I am moving on. I am done dealing with selfish, disrespectful, downright rude and hurtful people. I don't deserve to take the brunt of an attack from someone who feels so horrible about themselves to attack another. It's not my problem that you feel bad about yourself, and attacking others and their children (who are not old enough to defend themselves, mind you) makes you feel better or more superior.

I am so glad I have my true friends, wonderful family, amazing husband, and beautiful children. to make my life happy and worthwhile every day. Nothing else matters and I am done letting people put me down, and call me a bad parent, when I and everyone that truly knows me and accepts me KNOWS better.

So, to all my haters: Hate on. Thank you for making me realize once again how truly blessed I am without people like you in my life to bring me down anymore.


Apparently I can't post anything here anymore, I guess.

A "friend" posted a letter to her son for his birthday. I did the same thing. Did I copy her letter word for word? Nope. That would be silly. HER son isn't MY son. lol But, I get slack for posting a letter in the same "format" or "outline" or what have you, to MY children. What is this world coming to?

All I can do is laugh!


Monday, January 11, 2010

Connor & Merasia's 1st Birthday: In Pictures

Birthday boy waving to the camera! :-)

First matchbox car!

LOVE this toy!!!

New shoes!

New boots!

Tired boy, and getting a little fussy... :-(

So excited he tried to bite Maggie! LOL

Connor's first tool set!

She loooves this elmo keyboard!

First baby doll!

This ball popper makes for 4-5 ball poppers in our house! lol

Present time!!

Cousin Maggie and Merasia:

Connor and Oona (their Godmother!):

I love her face in this one:

Aunt Rachel tickling Connor's feet!

"I'm gonna throw up, MOM!" LOL

Waving to everybody! lol

Connor quickly got the hang of this cake thing! lol:

Look at those cheeks!!

A little cautious...typical girl!

First bite...

Wondering why everyone was

Getting ready for cake!

The guest cake:

Cousin Molly and Merasia:

Aunt Rachel and Merasia:

All decorated and ready for the prince and princess!

Merasia looved the balloons on her chair!

The cakes! Tinkerbell and Tow Mater! ;-)