Monday, January 11, 2010

Connor & Merasia's 1st Birthday: In Pictures

Birthday boy waving to the camera! :-)

First matchbox car!

LOVE this toy!!!

New shoes!

New boots!

Tired boy, and getting a little fussy... :-(

So excited he tried to bite Maggie! LOL

Connor's first tool set!

She loooves this elmo keyboard!

First baby doll!

This ball popper makes for 4-5 ball poppers in our house! lol

Present time!!

Cousin Maggie and Merasia:

Connor and Oona (their Godmother!):

I love her face in this one:

Aunt Rachel tickling Connor's feet!

"I'm gonna throw up, MOM!" LOL

Waving to everybody! lol

Connor quickly got the hang of this cake thing! lol:

Look at those cheeks!!

A little cautious...typical girl!

First bite...

Wondering why everyone was

Getting ready for cake!

The guest cake:

Cousin Molly and Merasia:

Aunt Rachel and Merasia:

All decorated and ready for the prince and princess!

Merasia looved the balloons on her chair!

The cakes! Tinkerbell and Tow Mater! ;-)

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