Wednesday, January 13, 2010

One Year Check Up

Connor and Merasia had their one year check up yesterday. Everything went well! No shots for their one year appointment, thank goodness! We did have the other half of their seasonal flu shot to do, but that was it. We were supposed to get it done a couple of months ago, shortly after the first dose, but the twins' doctor had surgery and was out of work for a while.

Weights and heights are good, and developmental milestones are getting hit wonderfully, and even advanced for their "age" since they were 5 weeks early. We have to go to the "big" hospital an hour and a half away in a couple of weeks for a follow up hearing screening. Every preemie has to go through a hearing screening when they are born, and have follow ups every year after that. They passed the one in the hospital right before we were discharged, and the doctor isn't concerned about their hearing now (nor are we), but it's just good to stay on top of all that preemie issue stuff. :-) We've been meaning to get down to that hospital since the babies were born anyway, to visit the wonderful nurses and doctors I had when I was there on bed rest for 3 weeks before delivery, and this will be the perfect time...even if it is a year later!

It still hasn't hit me that my babies are ONE! I'm waiting for it to set in, but...I got nothing so far! Maybe that's good. I don't want to rush it! But, soon enough, we'll have another teeny, tiny baby to snuggle and cuddle and that won't run away from us every time we try... ;-)

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