Friday, August 27, 2010

Baby Bump!

Just a few baby bump photos to share...and keep in mind, I am NOT EVEN 4 months in these pics...I was about 11ish weeks. :-)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Conversations with Connor

Me: Okay Connor, time for your bath.

Connor: Oh God!

Me: Come on, the water's all ready!

Connor: *trips over toys on his way to me in the bathroom* WOAH!

Me: Oops, are you okay?!

Connor: *stands up and continues on into the bathroom* Oh Wow!

Needless to say, I erupted into fits of laughter like never before. These are Connor's newest words/phrases, and they crack me up every single time, coming from his little mouth. ♥

So Bad!

I am so bad! I have NOT been blogging for quite some time. I used to be so regular with it, and then things got crazy for us all summer and it's been difficult. My "mid year" resolution is to get regular wtih it again, because I miss it!

On the home front, there's not much new to report. The twins are doing fabulous, surprising me and making me laugh out loud everyday with their 19 month old antics. Baby #3 is doing well also, my belly is getting very big and I am only 12 weeks...4 months next week, it flies by! We are settling into the new apartment after dealing with a flea issue from the previous tenant. Yuck! I am still occasionally working from home, writing articles for, and have recently started up something new, becoming a travel broker for! More details to come with that one though...however, if you want details NOW, leave me your email and I can get you some better details than I could ever explain. ;-)

I still have many reviews and giveaways to get posted and get running, I just need to sit down and get them done! I plan to do that within the coming days... :-)

So, thanks for hanging in there with me...I know I've been a terrible mom blogger and all that jazz lately...but I will get better and back to normal, I PROMISE. ♥

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Another Baby Update!

I know I have been majorly slacking with this lately.....but things are going to settle down for us soon, as soon as we finally move into our new place and get settled! But, for now, here's a little update on the new baby, and of course, the twins. :-)

We had out "confirmation" appointment last week, and got another ultrasound (YAY!!). The baby was MUCH bigger than the first time, of fact, he/she looks HUGE to me. Maybe it's just me. But I am saying my prayers that I am not growing a 10 pounder! ;-)

The heartbeat was nice and strong, though it's too early to hear it still. We could definitely see the fast little flutter of it though! We got a few photos to take home, as well. We thought I was about 8 weeks, 6 days last Thursday, according to my first ultrasound, but that got changed with the newer ultrasound, so today I am 8 weeks 6 days. We were just 3 days off. :-) The new due date is March 7, 2011! But I think the most exciting thing right now as far as the pregnancy goes, is that I have started to feel the early flutters of movement! I have had gas, of course. What pregnant woman doesn't?? But once you are familiar with both, it's easy to tell the difference. And I have definitely felt baby flutters. Not often, but enough to say I can tell I got a little move and shaker on my hands!

The twins are doing wonderfully. I can't say enough how much FUN they are!! Connor has started talking a LOT more, and has gotten much better at walking in such a short time. I love seeing them walking all over the place with eachother. His newest words are hot (sounds like "ahht") and stinky (sounds like "dee-dee") LOL He will plug his nose and say it, or smell his toes or anything he can get his hands on really...everything is "dee-dee" to him lately. Merasia jibber jabbers sooo much, she has full lengch conversations...but nobody can quite make out all of what she says. We joke that she's going to be president one day, with all the talking she does. I think the biggest, most cutest thing they have started doing is blowing kisses, giving everyone kisses, and giving big hugs. My heart melts when Merasia smacks her lips and walks up to me. I pucker up and she gives me the sweetest kiss ever, and usually comes back for more right after. Connor gives big open mouthed kisses, and gives them a LOT. It's so sweet whenever I am sitting at Merasia's level, or leaning down, doing something, and Merasia walkes up behind me and cuddles me, laying her head down on my shoulder or my back. They are so affectionate, and I am soaking it all up while I can!

Lastly, here are some ultrasound photos I have available...I have to upload some newer photos of the twins, but I have yet to do time, I swear! ;-)