~The Fam~

The Ryan-Lewis Family

It may be a crazy life, but it's OUR LIFE....

Mama Ryan

I'm a 29-year-old stay at home divorced mother, behavior interventionist, and graduate student in the small state of Vermont. I was married young and became a mother young, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I absolutely love blogging and all that comes along with it. I finally found true love after my divorce and have never been happier than I have these past 3 years. I have many other interests, including shopping (of course!), taking walks, dining out, spending times with friends and family, writing, and reading...just to name a few. My children are the light of my life, and no matter what obstacles come my way, I can get through anything with my family by my side. Running our household is a full time occupation, and we are never short on dull or exciting moments around here with our little monsters! Even though I firmly believe in all natural child birth, no interventions, no early induction, home birth, breastfeeding, and organic products, I will never admit to being crunchy. In fact, simply call me "lightly toasted." 


Jeff is the love of my life, and helps hold our family together. We met through a social media website in 2014, got to know each other for about a month before we actually met in person, and the rest is practically history! We have been inseparable ever since! He doesn't have children of his own but has been smitten with my children and is so good with them as a step parent role model. I have never been more madly in love with someone than I am with Jeff. The connection we have goes well beyond physical. We have such an intense emotional connection as well and truly complete each other and bring out the best in one another. He is a field service supervisor for Directv, and works so hard to support himself and our family. His interests include hunting, fishing, hiking, shooting, and anything to do with the outdoors! I look forward to all that life has in store for us as a couple but most of all, for us as a blended family.

The Prince

Connor is our energetic 8-year-old son. He is 33 minutes older than his twin sister, but you wouldn't know it by looking at him! He is an absolute joy, and was my easiest baby! He has a few diagnosed conditions, so each day is a different struggle but we are helping him and all of us get through it the best that we can. He loves to play sports, build with Legos or Knex, bird watch, and play with his cars and trucks. A typical boy, he loves to play in the dirt and mud, and loves to try and help Jeff with various projects around the house. He has slept beautifully through the night since he was 5 months old, and takes wonderful naps. He can he so helpful to me with housework or other things I need to get done. He is the first to come and help mommy!  

The Princess

Merasia is our spirited, feisty 8-year-old daughter. She is 33 minutes younger than her twin brother, but doesn't let that stop her! She is my shining star and her laughter is contagious, but she is a spitfire when she wants to be!  She is such a mother hen and loves to play with and take care of her baby dolls, as well as her younger brother and sister. She will talk your ear off and get into lots of mischief , but we wouldn't have it any other way. She loves to sing, dance, play house, read books, help with chores around the house, play outside, draw, and color. She makes friends easily, but her feelings are easily hurt as well. She has a very sensitive soul, and wears her heart on her sleeve. I can barely believe the little girl we have today is the same baby who was one of the bluest babies our labor nurse had seen in her career and fought for her first few breaths the day she was born. She is a fighter in all sense of the word!

The Little Prince

Mason is our wiggly, crazy 6-year-old old baby boy! He was a slight surprise to me when I found out I was expecting him, but he adds so much joy into our home, and we are so blessed to have him! He is such a happy and easy going boy and is a great mix of both his mommy and daddy in looks and personality. He loves to play sports, sing, dance, read books, color and draw, play dress up, and most of all, play with trucks and get outside to run, jump, and play! He is ALL boy and never misses an opportunity to get messy and dirty...or give me a heart attack by jumping off the nearest highest object or tripping over his own feet. He has a great sense of humor and is definitely the ham of our family! I have no doubt he will be very popular in school and will be voted "Class Clown!" Mason is a very friendly little boy and makes friends easily, but doesn't always like to share his mommy, daddy, or siblings. He is very persistent and never gives up at trying new things or when he needs/wants something from us. He is an amazing big brother! He fits into our crazy family very well, and just seems to "go with the flow." 

Little Princess

Kendall Ivory is the baby of our family and 4 year old little sister to Connor, Merasia, and Mason. She has blessed and completed our family more than we ever could have imagined. She is a delightful, happy, bubbly, funny, beautiful little soul and brings all of us so much joy! Her older siblings love to help take care of her and love up on her every little chance they get. She is funny, mischievous, happy, bouncy, and just a sweet, sweet angel! She loves to read, take care of her baby dolls, play dress up (especially with every pair of shoes she can get her little hands on!), sing songs, dance, color, and never stops laughing or smiling! She gives the best hugs, never shuts up, keeps me on my toes with her constant antics and wild side, and has a great love for...ducks and owls. She amazes me every second of every day and I can't wait to see the little person she continues to develop into!