Friday, September 30, 2011

The BIG Move!

I feel like I was just posting about this not that long ago...MOVING! And here I am, a couple of months later, posting about it again! This time,'s FOR GOOD!

We moved from an older apartment back in July, because it was too small for all 5 of us and just really unsafe for health reasons. We rented from family for a couple of months while we found something bigger, more convenient and local to everything we need to do (school for me, grocery stores, etc.), and more in our price range. Something finally came up, and we moved within a couple of weeks. Now, we have a beautiful 3 bedroom apartment, with tons of room for all of us, great neighbors, a great yard for the kids to run around in and play, and that's right near everything and everywhere we go on a regular basis. The twins have their bigger room, mommy and daddy have a much bigger room (and upstairs, so it's private ;-) ) and when he's ready, Mason will have his own nursery as well. For now though, that room is our office area. We moved in one day. Yep. Read it. ONE DAY. We "splurged" and rented a U-Haul, and with filling that to the brim and the help from my grandparents with their van, we moved everything in one day, and by the end of the next day, I had everything unpacked and put away where it needed to go.

The one and only drawback to the new place, is we are unable to keep out cats. Our cats are a part of the family. We have had Buddy for 5 years and Chewy for 4, and being without them is terrible. They are staying at my sister in law's house for now, while we wait word from the local animal shelter that they have room for them there to put them up for adoption. I hate the thought of that, but the animal shelter they will be going to is very very strict on who they let adopt the animals. They do a lengthy and strict background check and match the animals up with just the right family so we know that hopefully, they will be in as good of hands as they were with us. We just could not pass up this opportunity, and the pet policy is very, very strict, so there is no changing the landlord's mind, unfortunately. :-( It will be okay. In some ways. I am okay with it. Since we had the twins, the cats have kind of been put on the "back burner" so to speak. They used to get all of our attention, and then the twins came along and they took that away from the cats. Don't get me wrong...we still took care of them and they were always clean and fed and loved, but they just didn't get as much snuggle and love time with us when the babies came along. So in some ways, it may be good for them to go to a different home where they can be the center of attention again, something that we just can't give them anymore. But, it's still just so sad, since of course we love them, and have many great memories with them, and the twins have grown to love them.


Chewy and Buddy cuddling, like always:

Blog Makeover!

If you haven't noticed blog as had a makeover!! I am absolutely IN LOVE with it! My blogger friend Aly, from Seventeen Sirens made this amazing blog design for me, and my blog button! She even helped "sophisticate" my blog a bit, and I cannot stress enough how much I am in looooove with it!! A HUUUGE thank you to her!!

What does everyone think of the new design?? Post your comments and feedback, and check out the newest review and giveaway here!

TeeWit Review and Giveaway!

As the mama to 3 little ones, I LOVE looking for cute, new clothes for them. You can never have enough outfits, onesies, and adorable-ness. :-) I came across Teewit on another mama's blog, and loved their array of funny and cute T-Shirts and other items. From their website:

"Specializing in funny baby one pieces, bodysuits, and bibs, funny baby and toddler t-shirts,
and funny maternity t-shirts. Celebrate babies, children, moms, dads, aunts, uncles, and grandparents with witty and fun slogans and sayings that are sure to please. Shop for the holidays and for baby showers gifts."

Not only do they feature adult, baby, and children's shirts, but shirts and items for special occasions too, such as breast cancer awareness.
Looking through the variety, I loved this shirt for myself:

Hubs helped me choose what I wanted to review, and in doing so, found a shirt he liked as well, and just "fits" his personality perfectly...

The baby and toddler shirts are super cute, and probably my favorite...

It was so difficult to make a decision as to what to review, but I finally narrowed it down. I chose two onesies to review, for Mason.

I thought this onesie was hilarious!! I also chose this one: 

Well, actually, Frank chose it. It was his favorite. ;-)

I got the onesies within a few days of letting Paulette from Teewit know what I wanted to review. Service was very quick, and Paulette was super easy to work with. I LOVED them immediately. The material doesn't feel thin or cheap, it's very high quality and carefully made. I ordered 6 months for a size, and was a little nervous they might be a little big when I first got them and saw them, but they fit perfectly. You never really know with sizes in the store these days...some items of clothing say one size but fit like another...either too small or way too big. But these were right on and fit Mason perfectly...and of course he looked as cute as ever in them!

Not only are the clothes and items cute, funny, and very well made, they are very reasonably priced as well. You definitely can't go wrong in that department!
I will definitely be shopping with Teewit in the future, and you should too!

BUY IT: Head on over to Teewit now, and purchase some of their products!

WIN IT: Teewit is offering up ONE $20 gift certificate coupon code to one lucky reader of Mama 2 Multiples!

How To Enter:

This is our first giveaway using Rafflecopter! Simply click the links below ("Click for Instructions") and it'll tell you how to enter and what and where to post your entries. Wen you are done each item, click the "I Did This!" link and you're all set!

Monday, September 26, 2011


Sorry it's a few days late...internet issues at the new place and crazyness of moving!

According to, the winner of the Teething bling teething necklace of her choice is JENN!!!!!! Jenn has 48 hours to respond to my email before I will need to choose another winner.

Lots of new reviews and giveaways to come very, very soon!! Stay tuned!! :-) Thanks to all who entered this time around!

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Friday, September 16, 2011

New Blog Name...

Trying out a new blog name...make note of the new url!

Let me know what ya think...I figured it matched well, since it's the same as my Twitter name, etc. Always open to new suggestions more creative than my own though, so feel free! ;-)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Open to Suggestions!

I've recently been considering changing my blog name. I like it, but it's kind of long...I'd like something shorter, but that's creative and something that just "clicks" with me and my lifestyle. I am completely open to suggestions! It seems every time I think of something, it's already taken. Post your suggestions here or drop me an email! :-)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Halloween Costume Giveaway!

Dee over at Two of a Kind, Working on a Full House is hosting yet ANOTHER awesome giveaway! With Halloween literally right around the corner, we are all looking for costumes for our little ones, or maybe even ourselves. Head on over to Dee's blog and enter her giveaway from Anytime Costumes to win a costume of your choice under $50!


I was browsing through my fellow mama blogs this evening, and came across this amazing review and giveaway at Two of a Kind, Working on a Full House! Stork Craft makes some amazing, gorgeous furniture and products for babies, toddlers, and kids, and Dee at Two of a Kind, Working on a Full House is running a giveaway for a glider and ottoman from Stork Craft! This is a MUST see...or should I say...MUST ENTER! :-)

Pediped Giveaway at Two of a Kind, Working on a Full House!

There's an awesome giveaway for some adorable, stylish new shoes from Pediped, going on over at Two of a Kind, Working on a Full House! Head on over to check the whole blog out, and enter this giveaway asap! It ends soon, and you definitely don't want to miss out! :-)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Fresh Baby Review and Giveaway at Beautifully Bella Faith

Here's another giveaway I'm sure all you other mamas would love to enter...Amber at Beautifully Bella Faith is running a giveaway for a toddler cookbook and kid's portion plate from fresh baby...I should too! Hurry and enter now though...the giveaway ends on the 14th!

Snap - N - Store Creative Storage Giveaway at Beautifully Bella Faith!

With 3 kids and a crowded household, storage is always an issue for us! My friend Amber over at Beautifully Bella Faith is running a giveaway that ends tomorrow, for some snap - n - store creative storage boxes and bins....head on over now to check it out and enter! Hurry, hurry!! It ends tomorrow!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Teething Bling Review and Giveaway

I seem to have babies that teeth really early...and Mason was no exception. Connor teethed fairly early and had teeth by 5 or 6 months. Merasia was a little later, but Mason was the earliest yet. He started teething at 2 or 3 months and had 4 teeth at 4 or 5 months. I came across teething bling teething necklaces when Mason started to teeth, and knew I had to try them.

Teething bling is from Smart Mom jewelry. From their website:

"Launched in 2002, Smart Mom LLC is a truly unique company. Staffed entirely by Moms, we don’t outsource anything. From product development to fulfillment, it’s all handled in our Maryland offices. That means if you have a question or concern, you will reach one of us. And because we’re all Moms, we understand what it’s like to have little ones underfoot. That’s why we make it so easy for you to contact us – email, Facebook, tweet, blog or call, we’ll answer right away. And we don’t mind crying babies in the background!.........................A lot of companies say they’re ‘family friendly.’ We are actually walking the walk. We give our team members their assignments and let them go, allowing them to work around their family schedules. We welcome children in our offices (you may hear crying babies in the background here, too!) We are always looking for ways to help other Moms and are happy to donate to worthy causes. For us, family always comes first." 

I was sent the brown snowflake pendant for review. I absolutely love it! I love the pattern and design of it, and these products are truly amazing. Mason LOVED it immediately. At the time I received it, I was still nursing, so it gave him something to play with while he was nursing, and if he was just hanging out, sitting on my lap or snuggling with me, he would play with it and gum it to help ease his teething pain and help cut his teeth through.

I also love that these teething necklaces are made from food safe materials, as well as phthalate free materials too. All of the teething bling necklaces are federally approved silicone, which is even better. It's important to me to have natural products around my children as much as possible, and teething bling necklaces are the perfect choice for us.

Now, for the fun part...........

Amy at Smart Mom Jewelry has offered to give one lucky reader of A Day in the Life of a Mother of Multiples their choice of any teething bling necklace!!



1. Become a follower of my blog, via GFC, and post a comment that you have done so. If you are already a follower, just post a comment that you follow my blog.

2. Head over to Smart Mom Jewelry and check out their pendant teething bling necklaces, then come back here and post a comment on which one you would choose if you won.

3. "Like" Teething Bling on Facebook, and post a comment when you have done so.


3. Blog about this giveaway, and post a comment here that you have done so, and include the link to the post so I can see it. :-) (3 extra entries)

4. Comment on another of my blog posts, and then post a comment that you have done so. (2 extra entries)

5. Follow @TeethingBling on Twitter. (2 extra entries)

6. Follow me on Twitter at @Mama2Multiples. (2 extra entires)

Giveaway ends on September 23rd at midnight. Winner will be chosen randomly by and announced the day after. The winner will have 48 hours to reply to my email and then I will have to choose a different winner. BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS with each comment so that I have a way to contact you!

Saturday, September 3, 2011


In 4 more months, my big babies will be 3 YEARS OLD! It's hard to believe! I have already started birthday planning. I know, I know, a little early...but I'm a big planner and like to be prepared and get as much done ahead of time as possible, so there's less to do when the time is here and less stressful for mama! 

The theme for their 3rd birthday is ELMO! They are huuuge Elmo fans, so it's only fitting. :-) We gave them the choice between Elmo, or Mickey/Minnie, which is a cute boy/girl twin theme. But they chose Elmo. :-)

We are planning on doing their party at Pizza Putt. It's a lot like Chuck E. Cheese, and since they will be 3, they will be old enough to enjoy it and do most of the activities there, like the ball pit, etc. I don't care if it's a blizzard outside on the day of their birthday...we'll just leave super early, and take our time. :-)

I'm planning on getting all Elmo decorations and party supplies, and making them an Elmo cake. I'm also going to get them personalized Elmo shirts (seen here). I think I may be more excited than they are!

It's so hard to believe how big they have gotten and how far they have come, and especially how much they have changed in appearance and personality. I feel so rewarded to be their mama every single day I look in their beautiful, innocent little faces. ♥ ♥

Six Months Old!

My baby boy is 6 months old! It's crazy to me that just 6 short months ago, we were welcoming Mason into this world, and that in just 6 more short months, we will be celebrating his 1 year birthday. He has developed and changed so much!

Mason, 24 hours old:

Mason, 6 months old:

I'm not sure of an exact weight yet (we missed his 6 month check up last week because of car troubles) but it's close to 20 lbs. and length is close to 30 inches. He babbles and says "da da," and is a very happy baby. He eats about 8 ounces at a time, and has tried some solids. His favorites are pears, and apple and sweet potato yo baby yogurt. He just tried peas, and is getting used to those as well. He also has tried real banana in his mesh feeder and seemed to really enjoy that too. Last night, hubs tried sitting him up, and he can balance for a few minutes at a time sitting up. He started creeping occasionally a few weeks ago, but has gotten incredibly better at it these last couple of days. He is ALL over the place and into everything he can get his hands on! And when you take something away that he isn't supposed to have, he has quite the little 6 month old temper tantrum! But, he can be easily distracted and is happy again in no time. :-) He has 4 teeth! He takes good naps for he during the day, and night time sleep is okay. Not terrible, but could be better. I'll take what I can get though at this point! He loves to play and jump in his jumperoo, loves being outside, and loves interacting with his brother and sister or anybody, for that matter. It doesn't take much to get a big, drooly smile out of him. ♥

Happy 6 month birthday, Monkey! ♥ ♥

Friday, September 2, 2011

Paci Plushies Review

I first heard about Paci Plushies through some other online mama friends of mine. From their website:

"Light weight plush characters attach to infant pacifiers, making the pacifier easy to find and easy for baby to place in it's mouth. Paci-Plushies™ are the first and ONLY plush pacifier holder of it's kind to attach to Name Brand pacifiers! Button and Ring Handled pacifiers attach to a super soft and light-weight plush toy making the pacifier easy for young infants to hold and easy for Mom to find around the house!.......Nookums, a New York based company, offers innovative and trendy products to the children’s market, including functional plush items, gift sets, and unique infant and toddler tidbits. Our collection of plush features the patent pending Paci-Plushies, a fun gift collection of infant pacifier holders that simplify Mom’s life by eliminating the problem of lost pacifiers. Nookums strives to create a culture where thinking outside of the box leads to fresh ideas that evolve into new and extraordinary products."

It seems like we are always misplacing Mason's pacis, and the same was true when the twins were babies. I have a paci holder that clips onto Mason's car seat straps so we don't lose it when we go places, but we always love them around the house. I thought these Paci Plushies were absolutely adorable, and a great solution to lost pacis. The "Paci Plushies Crew" consists of Baby the Bear, Milo the Monkey, Cuddles the Car, P-Nut the Puppy, Lovey the Lamb, Paisley the Panda, Bentley the Bear, and Pixie the Puppy.

I chose Milo the Monkey to receive for review. We have a monkey theme going on for Mason since he was a newborn, so it was just fitting. It came with a paci, but I chose to use the ones we already had for Mason. Here he is on a long car ride. He had the paci in his mouth, but it fell out when he started getting drowsy. :-)

 He even likes to play with his monkey paci plushie and gum it to help him when he's teething, or just cuddle it.

I think these are a great invention, and they work well too. The pacis fit so snugly that they do not fall out, and if Mason loses his paci in the middle of the night, it's easier to locate it when we are using the Paci Plushie than if the paci were by itself and getting lost in his crib or falling through the crib rails to the floor.

I've already recommended Paci Plushies to other mama friends of mine, and will use them with future babies as well. :-)

Snack Aisle Review

As a mother of two growing toddlers and a new baby, I constantly have to keep the cupboards stocked with plenty of snacks. The trouble these days, it seems, is finding healthy snacks that my sometimes picky kids will eat and enjoy. But I found just that with Snack Aisle. Snack Aisle prides themselves on being "Your online source for all natural snacks" and after sampling several of their products, I have to agree with that statement.

I was sent the following products for review: Cinnamon toast pretzel crisps, sesame pretzel crisps, everything pretzel crisps, original pretzel crisps, two bags of peanut butter filled pretzels, and a bag of chocolate Pirate's Booty, their newest flavor.

The package of original pretzel crisps is absent from the photos above, because Connor decided he had to dig right in and try them out as soon as I opened the box!

I had never tried these pretzel crisps, but they were DELICIOUS! My favorite were the everything flavor and cinnamon toast flavor. The cinnamon toast reminded me of when I used to eat cinnamon and sugar on toast as a little girl. It was one of my favorite breakfast or snack choices, and these tasted exactly the same! The kids seemed to like all of the flavors of the pretzel crisps, and how could I refuse them from eating them so often when they are all so healthy?

The peanut butter filled pretzels were delish as well, and another huge favorite with my peanut butter obsessed kiddos. :-)

I have to be honest, I was hesitant about the chocolate Pirate's Booty. It didn't sound too appetizing. But I tried some, and they were surprisingly yummy! Of course, Connor and Merasia gobbled them up in no time...I think the bag was finished within only a few days. Pirate's Booty is a big favorite in our house, and I think the new flavor is at the top of the list for choice now. :-)

Working with Kim at was very easy. She was quick to respond to my request for a review, and allowed me to choose which snacks I was interested in trying, which was semi important to me since my children can at times, be picky. I received the package within a couple of days. I was very satisfied with the customer service I received!

All in all, I was very happy with the service, and the quality of snacks from snack aisle, and now, we have a few more staples to add to our grocery list every month. :-)