Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Preschool Open House

Can somebody please tell me how my babies suddenly grew up?! It seems like yesterday they were this little:

Now, they are far too grown up for my liking:

Where we live, you can start preschool when you are 4 years old, or 5 if you can't start kindergarten until you are 6. Because the twins are only 3.5, we didn't think they would be starting preschool until next school year but they had some speech issues earlier this year, and because of that, they automatically qualified for early preschool, so they can start earlier than normal. Everyone can go when they turn 4, but you have to be invited or have a spot automatically saved for some other reason (speech delays, etc) in order to start preschool before age 4.

The good part is, their teacher was one of their speech therapists earlier this year so they know her really well, and they know the classroom from playing in it for several months, so they are familiar with their surroundings. 

We went to their classroom open house Tuesday morning, and met their class mates. We know a few people in their class, so that was good. One of their friends in their class we have known since he was a baby, because he was born only a week before them! 

Here they are, all dressed and ready for preschool open house:

I gave up on trying to get a good picture after 3 tries. Mason, of course, had to crash the photo but he's cute so it's acceptable. ;) Connor had some major bed head thing going on, and a weird face....but whatever. They are cute, regardless!

Connor and Merasia played in their classroom sand table the entire time. Merasia took a break from that to draw mommy a picture with markers, and they each wanted to paint. Merasia painted a "rainbow." ;)

Hubs had to get to work and the kiddos had to get to daycare as it was their regular scheduled day, so we popped out of the open house a few minutes before it was scheduled to end. 

Their first day of preschool is this coming Monday. I think they are a little confused though, because they call daycare school too, so when we tell them they are going to school, they think their daycare. So we have been explaining that they are going to start going to school at Miss Brynn's school a couple days a week, and then their regular school the rest of the week, and I think they are understanding it a little better that way. They are excited though!

I am excited, but it's bitter sweet. I am excited for them to make new friends and have new experiences, but sad to see them so big and grown up. I am excited to have some alone time with just Mason a couple days a week, to give him the individual attention he needs and deserves, but I know he will miss Connor and Merasia a lot too. He loves them to pieces!

So, on the agenda this weekend is preparing Connor and Merasia for their first day of school. I will be packing their brand new, adorable back packs, explaining to them the difference between their schools, and shopping for some cute new first day of school outfits. More to come on their first day next week! ;)

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