Sunday, September 23, 2012

Our Family Grows by 2 More Feet...

Our family grows by 2 more feet...

Yep! That's right! 


As most of you know, we shared our journey to trying to conceive our 4th baby several weeks ago. Well, it was successful!! I was 10 days past ovulation yesterday, and took a test first thing in the morning. I thought I saw the slightest, faintest line, but wasn't sure. I took a different brand test, and thought the same thing, but both were too light to really make a decision on if they were positive or negative for sure or not. Last night, I took another brand test again, and there was definitely something there, darker than the first two tests but still not dark enough to say if it was positive or not. I decided I would take one this morning with first morning urine, and sure enough, this is what I saw:

There is really no mistaking that line!! I took another test a few hours later, and still positive, and a clear positive too!

We are over the moon excited! Connor and Merasia are excited too, and Merasia keeps asking us for a baby sister and asking if the baby is in my belly, and saying she wants to see it. SO cute!

Over the last week and a half, I have tried to ignore any potential pregnancy signs, so as not to get my hopes up and then be disappointed. A week or so ago, I had a day of forgetfulness. I made dinner, and it was all ready when the hubs got home, and we had to run out to pick the kids up from daycare. I left the crescent rolls to finish cooking with the oven turned off (it was still way hot) while we did that. Well, of course they were burnt when we got home. Oops! The worse part, was after we had left the kids' daycare and drove down the street, Merasia stood up and said "Mama, you forgot to buckle me in!" We immediately pulled over so I could buckle her in, and of course had a chuckle about that one later. Thankfully, the street isn't a very busy one and there was plenty of time and places to full off and safely buckle her in. There were a couple other times earlier that day that I forgot stuff, but I forget what they were now! ;) No, really. I totally can't remember. Pregnancy brain at it's best! ;)

The tiredness has really hit these last couple of days too. That always seems to be my biggest sign. One thing that is different this time around is the throbbing I get in each breast occasionally. It comes and goes, but I have never had any kind of breast tenderness or pain with my other pregnancies, so this is new territory for me. :)

So, I am 4 weeks, 4 days pregnant, and we are due May 29, 2013! We have told just about all our friends and family, and we just can't wait to be on this journey again, and see what is in store for us this time around!


Unknown said...

The most Amazing Blessing is a new baby. I am So Happy for you!

jenny at dapperhouse

Blake said...

Thank you ladies! We are very blessed!