Saturday, September 8, 2012

Merasia's First Hair Cut!

I caved. I did it. I got Merasia's hair cut.

Well, sort of. Not really.

She was desperately in need of a trim for her dead ends. This weekend was the perfect time for it since the twins start preschool Monday morning, so it was an exciting "first day of school" haircut.

She was so excited waiting for her turn!

She loved sitting in the chair and sat SO still and was sooo good!

Here is a before shot...her hair was soooooooo long!

She even got layers...

I need to get a better after shot than this one, but she's sleeping right now so I'll be sure to add that later...

Her hair looks SO much better! Of course it's an inch or so shorter, but it's not that much of a difference, and it is soo much healthier! And she's just beautiful, hands down! ;)


Unknown said...

So Pretty! Good Job Blake, was anyone holding your hand. I know you never wanted to cut her hair. By your post it sounds like you are happy with her hair cut, which is wonderful! Merasia is getting so big, as in growing up that is.

Blake said...

LOL Thanks! Nope, nobody was there to hold my hand! It was just me and her. :) I still don't want to but her hair, and never will until she tells me she wants it cut and how much. This wasn't even a real cut, you can't even really tell any difference besides that it's all even in the back now and looks so flawless and pretty. :)