Sunday, September 9, 2012

Connor's Appointment: Update

As I mentioned a few days ago, Connor had to go see the ear, nose, and throat specialist again this past week because of his ongoing tonsillitis issue. Our local ER recommended he have his tonsils taken out but they can't do that at our local hospital and said only the specialist can make that decision. 

The specialist seems to think he is fine, even though he is only breathing through one small hole in his throat, because one tonsil is so big it's blocking one whole side of his throat, and the other is almost the same size. 

I have always struggled with asserting myself, and now that I have children, I'm struggling with asserting and standing up for them, which is almost worse than not asserting myself, because I'm an adult, but these children depend and rely on me to make decisions like this for them, so I need to follow through for them. Unfortunately, I didn't do that the other day, and am kicking myself in the butt for it now.

However, Connor and I did have a wonderful mommy and Connor day out after his appointment. Merasia and Mason were at daycare, so we didn't need to hurry back home for anything. We left the doctor's office and went to the mall, where we had chicken nuggets and french fries in the food court. 

(Yes, from McDonalds. Get over it or shoot me. It's not going to kill him.)

After we ate lunch, we shared a vanilla frozen yogurt (soft serve) with rainbow sprinkles and m&m's. Soooo yummy!

When we were done with that, we made our way back to the parking garage but stopped for Connor to sit and play on the Tractors that are on display in the middle of the mall. He LOVES tractors and trucks!

I was finally able to pull him away from the tractors and he wanted to ride on the coin operated school bus.

We made our way back to the car and headed for home. When we got home, Connor asked to take a bath, so I said sure! He has never had a bath alone in his life! It's quicker and more efficient to bathe all 3 kids together on normal bath time nights, so that's what we always do. And when we do that, it's all business and not a lot of time for the kids to play, because we are usually in a hurry to get the bedtime thing done and over with. This time though, there was no need to clean him up since he had a bath the night before, and no other kids around to bother him or hog the bath. I loaded up the bubbles in the bathtub just for him, and he sat there and played for hours!

Our day together went by way too fast and before we knew it, daddy was home and it was time to go get Merasia and Mason from daycare. It was such a beautiful day though and Connor was so well behaved. He had a blast and I knew he felt so special, which is what I wanted him to feel. After that day, I have decided that this is something we need to do with each child at least once a month. It's important for their self identity and their identity with mom and dad to have that special bonding and alone time without siblings around, and to be spoiled and do something they enjoy doing all for themselves.

On another note, I was not satisfied with the doctor's appointment, and will be seeking a third opinion from a different specialist this week, until someone listens to us and takes Connor's tonsils out. It's affecting his quality of life, he has difficulty eating and swallowing, difficulty breathing, and difficulty talking. This is not okay, and I refuse to take no for an answer anymore, and refuse to be pushed to the side by anymore doctors when I know what is in the best interest of my child.

Stay tuned for more to this saga! ;)

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