Saturday, September 8, 2012

Soft Scrub Review & Giveaway

In our crazy busy household, there are plenty of messes and plenty of hardcore cleaning to get done regularly. It's so difficult to find reliable household cleaners that actually work on the market today. I have used Soft Scrub products in the past, but never really paid much attention to how well they worked for me, because I used them before we had children, and there were never really any messes to worry about cleaning up often then.

I for the opportunity to review two new household cleaning supplies from Soft Scrub: Soft Scrub Total Bath and Bowl cleaner and Soft Scrub Total All Purpose cleaner. 

I had a mission with this cleaner: to let the stove top get as dirty and grim as possible! I normally clean the stove top off every night after dinner when I do the dishes and do the normal clean up. But I purposely didn't do much clean up with the stove for a couple of weeks, because I really wanted to put the Soft Scrub All Purpose cleaner to the test and REALLY see how well it worked!

Here are some before shots of the stove top:

I have to say, doing this drove me absolutely INSANE!! I am a clean freak and this was just utterly disgusting! But, I knew if I kept cleaning this area up every night, I would never really know how hard this household cleaner worked or how much of a big mess it could handle.

These products are so amazing! There are options for either spraying the product out for smaller messes, or an option for foam cleaner for harder stains and messes. I used the foam option for most of this mess, since it was such a tough area.

Unlike other products out there, you don't need to spray and wait a while before wiping the area down and actually cleaning it off. You can wipe as soon as you spray if you would like to!

I of course gave the cleaner a minute or two to get into the stain and do it's magic. The other handy thing is you can use a dry paper towel or cloth or a damp one. I started with dry paper towels and then for the tougher stains I used the scratchy side of a damp sponge.

As soon as I sprayed the product on, I could literally see it working into the stain. I could see the debris coming loose or dissolving into liquid to be easily wiped away.

Upon just the first wipe off, I was pleasantly shocked at how much gunk came off from just one spray and wipe down! The rest of the stains came off just as easily, with the exception of a couple places that took a little extra elbow grease and scrubbing to get clean, but for the most part, it all came off and was easy to use. 

Here are the after shots when I was finally done cleaning:

The middle pieces of the burners are stained and have been since we moved in, so ignore those spots. 

How amazing does this stove top look now??!! It seriously shines sooo brightly and looks brand new! 

I LOVE these products! I feel as if I put them to the ultimate test by letting the stove top get as messy as it did, and it definitely lived up to the test and worked beyond any expectations I may have had before I used it. 

I also love the options I had for either spraying or foaming, and that each works equally as well and it's easy to switch between the two. You do not need to switch a nozzle or anything to choose foam or spray. You simply open the little latch on the nozzle if you want to use the foam feature instead of the spray feature. It's that easy!

Another great thing about this new product is that they spray even while pointed upside down! This came in handy so much when I was cleaning the gray pieces that sit over the burners. I put them in the sink and sprayed them to clean them and of course had to have the bottle upside down to do so, so it definitely came in handy to have them work and still spray where I needed it to spray even though it was upside down. Most other products on the market today don't work this way!

I used the bathroom cleaner just the other day, and that works just as excellent as the all purpose cleaner, and much better then the store brand bathroom cleaners I have been using until now. 

I don't know that I have ever been as impressed with any product as I am with these, and I can guarantee that all of you would feel the same way if you had the opportunity to try them out as well!

Buy it: You can purchase the products seen here and many other Soft Scrub products from a grocery store or other retailer near you!

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