Monday, September 17, 2012

Meeting Curious George and Other Weekend Fun!

I love the weekends. My husband doesn't work weekends, and of course the kids don't have preschool or daycare, so it makes for some amazing family time for us, and those are some of my favorite moments and memories.

It's also an opportunity for hubs to score some alone time doing some of the things he loves doing, that he doesn't have the chance to do during the week, like fishing. My good friend Ashley and I took my three children and her 1 year old son to the mall on Saturday to meet Curious George! Frank had been wanting to go fishing for a while now, so this was a good chance for him to do that, since we would be gone all day anyway. It's easier for him to go fishing or do his thing when I have something to do with the kids, because I get a little burnt out by week's end from being home all week with the kids, and look forward to having him around for back up, so staying home while he goes off and does something isn't my cup of tea, but with me gone, it didn't matter much. 

The kids were SO excited to see Curious George! When Mason was a baby, he used to scowl his forehead and he looked just like a little Curious George, so we have joked about that since he was born. Of course we HAD to go meet Curious George just for Mace! ;)

We got there about a half hour after the event started, and even then the line to meet Curious George was SO long! We knew it would be well worth it though! We waited for about an hour, but the kids were so patient and were happy and content watching George from the line.

Even Mason and Logan were patiently waiting in the stroller together...

The whole time we waited in line, Connor and Merasia kept talking about meeting George and how excited they were, but I was skeptical. Merasia has a track record of saying she's excited and is going to meet someone, and then gets really scared when the time comes to actually go up for our turn. And, sure enough, when our turn to meet George came, Merasia FREAKED. I held Mason and went up on the stage and Connor followed. He got a little skittish but was fine standing right next to me. Mason cried for a second when we got up close to George, but got over it fast too and was just mesmerized by him afterwards. Merasia was crying and screaming for me and reaching for me from the floor, but wouldn't come up to get me when I asked her and wouldn't even let me hold her for the meet and picture. We did get some cute pictures of me, Mason, and Connor with Curious George though, and Connor loosened up a little bit and was playing with Curious George a little bit, giving him high fives and giggling.

Ashley and Logan's turn was next, and we tried to see if Merasia wanted to go with Ashley and Logan, but she didn't. She was still so upset and crying. Ashley offered her to go with just her alone, and she still wouldn't, and I even offered to go up again alone with just her, but it was still a no go. I was a little disappointed that she didn't want to go up and meet him when she was soo excited and talked about it for several days and all the time we were in line, but I felt bad that she was so upset and scared. We did get some cute pictures of Ashley and Logan though. ;)

There were a bunch of other activities to do as well, like coloring some Curious George photos, watching Curious George movies, and even the man in the big yellow hat was there, reading Curious George books to the children. We just stayed for meeting Curious George and getting photos with him, and then we headed off to the food court for lunch. After lunch, I had promised Connor and Merasia they could ride the merry go round.

The kids were very well behaved but so exhausted and all passed out on the way Ashley and I enjoyed a quiet ride. :)

That night, neither the hubs or myself felt like cooking or preparing dinner, so we got Chinese take out and had a dinner picnic and a movie. 

It was a great day, and I am so glad we went. And, hubs had a great time fishing and getting in some quiet, alone time. 

On Sunday, we lounged around the house until the afternoon, and then headed off to celebrate Logan's first birthday party! He turned 1 last week and his party was Sunday. His theme was John Deere and we got there a little early to help Ashley decorate and do last minute things to prepare.

The kids had a great time playing with Logan, eating food and other snacks with him, watching and helping him open his presents, checking out all his cool new toys and clothes, and helping him eat cake. ;)

While the weekend was full of friends, family, and fun, it was truly exhausting. I even went to be at 9:30 last night, which is the earliest I have gone to bed in MONTHS! It did feel amazing, though and I felt so rested when I woke up this morning! The weekend and the fun we had and memories we made though, far surpassed how tired we were by the end of it. :)

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