Thursday, September 13, 2012

I'm A Planner.

What can I say? I'm a planner.

I love nothing more than brainstorming ideas and activities and making lists and researching on the internet. I can't help myself!

A few friends lately have picked on me (all in good fun, of course!) for already planning all my kids next birthdays. But I can't help myself! I love choosing the theme or, in Connor and Merasia's case, asking them what they wanted their theme to be since they can have a say in that stuff now. I love researching and pinning (Pinterest is amazing!) handmade decorations and other ideas for birthday cakes and food and set ups. 

When I found out we were expecting twins, I had my baby registry set up within those first couple of weeks. Part of that was pure joy and excitement, and the other part was simply because I like to plan. It doesn't matter how early, I love it. 

With that said, Connor and Merasia's 4th birthday (really?! FOUR??!!) theme is going to be Dora and Diego. They are really excited for it and so am I! Merasia discovered Dora back after her 3rd birthday when a friend's daughter got her a Dora necklace and bracelet as a birthday present. I was never a big fan of Dora myself. My niece LOVED her, but I found her annoying at times so I wasn't going to introduce Dora to my kids on my own. If they found out for themselves, then fine. And they did. Now though, I really don't mind! Dora is very educational, and I love that she's English and Spanish, so it exposes my children to different cultures and people, which is important for every child. They haven't quite discovered Diego, but it just goes with the Dora and boy/girl theme. Some friends have rolled their eyes at my children's love of Dora, but what are you going to do? Hide them under a rock so they never see or do anything new? I find a lot of other characters on TV these days to be much more worse and annoying then Dora, like Tinker Bell and Phineas and Ferb. But am I going to keep my kids from discovering those things because I don't like them? Nope. It is up to them on who and what they like, and up to me to support them in it and suck it up!


I have done lots of researching for the Dora and Diego themed party. I have their cake picked out (3 tiers with separate cakes each for Connor and Merasia...I can't help myself! They are the first born!), I have ideas for different handmade banners and invitations, colors, etc. Another good reason to plan ahead...if you make most or all of the decorations as I have for the last party, then you need to plan ahead to get the supplies needed and actually make the stuff. 

For Mason, we have decided to go with a Mickey Mouse theme. He loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so I think it will be just perfect. I have his cake picked out as well, and some ideas for banners and snack food set ups (like the Hot Diggity Dog Hot Dog cute!), and can't wait to actually do the parties and see the kids faces when everything is set up in celebration of them. 

Even now, before I am even pregnant with baby number 4, I have begun planning certain things. Of course home birth and whether or not we are finding out the sex (we are not...), but even the bedroom assignments for when the baby is a little older and bunks with one of his/her siblings, and the things we will buy or do differently. 

I just can't help myself...I'm a planner, and proud of it!

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ChristaV said...

Good for you.. Planning is very important for the success of an event.. I hope I can be you..:)

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