Friday, May 4, 2012

Journal 10 Review & Giveaway

Because Time Flies - record them now and build a memoir to treasure.

When I was pregnant with the twins, I started a journal. I wrote about my pregnancy, their birth, and after they were born, I kept writing and adding to it every now and then, and still do to this day. When they are 18, I will give them their journals to look back on and read about their birth and their childhood and all of those special memories.

With my love of writing and keeping journals, I was excited to get the opportunity to review a Journal 10+ when I was offered the chance.

From their website:

"From a child's first words to his or her first soccer goal. From a best friend's engagement news to a grandchild's graduation. Special memories deserve to be saved, remembered and celebrated. WithJournal 10+, you can record daily events and remembrances for up to 11 years, keep track of birthday & anniversaries, set goals and so much more.
In a perfect world your memories would record and organize themselves.

In the real world Journal 10+ helps you capture and treasure all the special moments of your life.

Just scribble down a few sentences each day and, before you know it, you have a decade of memories and observations at your fingertips! Each "daily page" of the Journal 10+ offers room to write about one day - March 6th, say - every time it comes around from 2010 to 2020 (start any time in 2010). What fun to compare what was happening in your life on any given day as the years go by. The subject matter is totally up to you...record what you do or how you feel, what you eat or what you read, financial data or medical notes, local weather or world events - be creative! This convenient personal volume also offers sections for long-range planning, monthly overviews, addresses and phone numbers, and special dates. Bound in a durable leatherette cover, this unique diary will quickly become a treasured possession."

I love the concept of this journal! As soon as I got it, I started using it. I recorded a quick entry about our Valentine's Day, Mason's birthday, the day Merasia got sent home from daycare early sick, and got lots of snuggles. I love that I'm not pressured to write a big long journal entry that I don't have time to write, that I can just write quick memories throughout the days.

The other thing I love about this journal, is that it's good for 10 years! I won't need another journal until 2022!

It's so very organized, and very easy to follow and keep track of dates, times, years, entries, etc. The calendar included on the inside is also very helpful and a great feature. 

The ribbon makes marking where you left off in recording entries easy as well.

If I need to record an entry that is longer than normal, there are extra full pages to use, so I will never run out of room!

The address and phone book is very handy, too. I am always losing track of people and numbers and addresses and when I really need them most, I know right where to find them now that I have the Journal 10!

Purchase it: You can purchase the Journal 10 here.

WIN it: ONE lucky reader of Mama 2 Multiples is going to WIN a Journal 10+ like the one I reviewed and seen on their website! To enter, follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter form below!

(If my camera wasn't broken I could include photos of mine in action!) :-(

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