Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mason, Mason, Mason!

It's been a while since I have done any updates on the kiddos, so I figured it was about time. I have been slacking terribly lately with this blog, but I better get on the ball because classes start soon for summer semester, and I definitely won't have much time then! The truth is, I hate updating my blog right now with my camera broken and the new one not here yet, because I love including photos with my posts but don't have any to share at the moment!


Mason is 14 months old and I can barely believe it! He has changed so much! I know I keep saying that, and everyone says the same thing about their children, but it really is true!

Mason as a newborn:

Mason at 6 months old:

Mason at a year old:

And, finally, Mason at 14 months:

It's so hard to keep track of what he is doing these days! For one, he is a full blown walking baby now! He took his first steps at 9 or 10 months old, and then started taking more and more steps around 12-13 months old, and now walks more than he crawls, and insists on walking everywhere! He is the cutest little thing toddling all around the house and outside!

Mason has so many words! He says hi, mama, dada, more, milk, ball, uh oh, night night, no, yeah, yes, love you, bye bye, hair, hat, pat pat pat, yay, Logan (our neighbor's baby's name) and his newest word is Connor! He loves to say "Hi Connor" and hear Connor say hi back. He gets a big smile on his face and giggles! 

Mason is a very happy and playful baby. He loves to play with cars and trucks, and just recently discovered the cupboards that he can reach, that happen to have super fun and noisy pots, pans, and bowls in them. I have mixed feelings on this new discovery.....

He LOVES to be outside! He walks all over our driveway and the grass, and especially loves to play in the sandbox with his big brother and big sister. He eats most of the sand he plays with, but that's fine. It's all a part of him learning about the world around him, so we let him explore all he wants! After all comes out in his poop. ;-) The other day, we got back home from running errands and I got Connor and Merasia down for their nap. Mason wasn't quite ready for his nap, so we were just playing in the living room. He went over to the window and starting patting on it, saying "Uh, uh, uh!" I asked him what he wanted and he put on his sun hat, walked over to the door, grabbed the door handle, looked at me, and did the same "Uh, uh, uhhhh!" noise. He was telling me he wanted to go outside! This was the first time h did this, and it was too cute to say no! Well, I did say no at first, and told him we would go out when Connor and Merasia woke up, but that was not good enough for him. I ended up taking him out to check the mail with me, and that satisfied him...until we got back inside. But to his credit, he was getting tired, so anything was going to upset him at that point. I put him down for a nap, and that helped. 

Mason is just so animated and funny. He loves attention and is a little ham! He loves to do silly things and he knows when he is being silly. He looks to us or anyone else around when he is being a comedian, to get the laugh and attention he is looking for. He keeps us cracking up all day! 

He loves, loves, LOVES to eat, and is not very picky with food, although peanut butter and jelly and cheese are definitely not favorites.

He sleeps much better at night too. He usually naps twice a day, and sleeps all night, most of the time, but he does love his warm milk when he wakes up at night or right before bed. 

He can't stand his baths anymore, and screams and grabs at me to get him out as soon as we put him in the tub. He will get over this soon, though. He loves water otherwise, when HE can control when or if he gets in it himself.

It's so amazing to see the difference between having twins, and having a single baby at a time, and I will never get tired of seeing it and experiencing all that we are blessed with.

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