Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Merasia's Best Friend!

I love having friends with children the same age, or close to the same age, as our twins. It makes for fun play dates and cute memories. 

Our friend Des got pregnant several months before we found out we were expecting twins. We have been friends for 7ish years now, but had a falling out and didn't speak for a couple of years at the time Des was pregnant with her daughter Violet. We reconnected last year, and have pretty much been inseparable ever since. Our kids absolutely ADORE Violet, but the thing that struck us and Des the most when we started hanging out again, was how much Violet and Merasia look alike! 

Every time we all go somewhere, we get comments from friends  and family, or even complete strangers, on how much the girls look alike. It's definitely funny that we were such close friends, both got pregnant around the same time, are parents now, and our daughters so closely resemble each other. Maybe it was meant to be that way for some reason....

These girls just LOVE each other!

They share each other's clothes and shoes, and whatever one says or does, the other is sure to follow!

Sometimes they fight...over toys, games to play, songs to sing, and so on and so forth. But at the end of the day, they are still besties.

They are about as close as sisters....Merasia affectionately calls Violet, Vie. Or Vie-Vie. It's the sweetest thing!

Along with sharing clothes and toys, they also share many secrets, I'm sure.

The bring out the divas and sexy mama's in each other....

I just loved them, and seeing them together melts my heart. They love each other so much, they ask for each other when they aren't together, and never want to be apart or leave when they are together. They are such best friends now, and I hope they follow in their mama's foot steps and stay that way forever....

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