Thursday, April 11, 2013

Easter...A Little Late!

I have been meaning to update and share our Easter, among other things, but you know how life goes and how busy things get! So, forgive me! I'm just a little behind. ;)

I was a little concerned with our Easter this year at first, because Mason got a stomach bug the Friday before Easter. It wasn't looking too promising at first. He woke up that morning and felt a little hot, but was talking, playing, yelling, and acting fine, so I got everyone ready and took everyone to daycare like usual that morning. Mason wouldn't let go of me when I went to sit him down in his classroom and kept saying, "No, no, no!" This was very unusual for him, since he loves seeing his friends and having that little bit of time away from mommy and daddy. I picked him back up and gave him some snuggles and realized he felt a little hotter than he had at home, so decided to take his temperature there at daycare. Right after another teacher took his temperature and walked away to convert it from Celsius to Fahrenheit, he threw up ALL over the kitchen floor of the daycare. He didn't eat breakfast yet but had had a cup or two of milk at home that morning, so of course it was all completely curdled, disgusting milk that came back up. That answered our question and I took him home while the twins stayed at daycare for the day. 

He slept for a while that morning, then chilled out on the living room floor on blankets and pillows, watching cartoons, until he was tired enough to go back to bed a few hours later. 

By mid day, his fever was at 103.5, and that was with regular doses of Tylenol all day. In between that time, he threw up again, even though he had had nothing to eat all day and only a little water to drink. He took another long nap that afternoon, woke up to lay back on the living room floor, had a few popsicles, threw those up, but by that night, he was up and walking around, playing with his brother and sister, and acting normally again so I figured he was on his way out of it, thankfully. 

Just to be safe, hubs and I slept downstairs in the living room so we were nearby in case he needed us, and it was good that we did because Mason was up quite a bit that night, just restless and whiny. His fever continued all night, but was significantly cooler by the morning and keeping food down again.

I was SO glad Mason was back to normal and nobody else was sick the next day, because we had Easter plans. Daddy had to work very, very early Easter morning, so we did our Easter together Saturday morning. We got each of the kids a nice, new beach bucket and shovel, a small egg full of jelly beans, some M&M's, and then a variety of beach and sand box toys for the summer. I cannot stand piling the kids full of junky candy or sweets for such a simple holiday, or getting them  aton of little cheap toys that get lost or broken that same day, or just contribute to the mess that is already our home at times. With new beach and sand toys, it's something that will get used very, very often both at home and away, and can withstand lots of use, so it's far from a waste of money like other things would have been. 

The Easter Bunny arrived soon after the kids went to bed Friday night, and set all of the goodies out for the kids to see the next morning.

They were SO excited to uncover and discover what the Easter Bunny brought the next morning!!

Connor had soccer in the morning with daddy, and I got some cleaning done while Merasia and Mason played an actually (*gasp*) got along for once! ;) When they got home, we went to a town nearby for an Easter Egg hunt and to see the Easter Bunny! The kids were SO excited! The event was at a local elementary school, and it was such a beautiful, sunny day out, so we didn't have to bundle up in big coats and hats. The egg hunt was all over the playground, and as soon as the kids were given the go ahead, they were OFF and running! Mason needed a little help from daddy on what to do, since he has never done an Easter Egg hunt before (he was too young last year!), but he quickly got the hang of it!

The Easter Bunny was at the egg hunt, and all of the children had the opportunity to meet him and take photos with him if they wanted to. Connor LOVED him and kept hugging him, and Merasia even stood next to him and said hi, which was a HUGE step from last year! She wanted NOTHING to do with him last year, while Mason and Connor visited with him. This year, Mason wanted nothing to do with him and stayed with daddy instead.

It was a great Easter celebration day! On Sunday, the kids and I went to the local playground for a couple of hours in the morning before lunch and nap time, since daddy was working and it was such a nice day out.

We had our own Easter dinner that evening, with ham, mashed potatoes, vegetables, and rolls. It was the perfect ending to such a perfectly celebrated holiday weekend, and we wouldn't have had it any other way!

I hope you all had a beautiful Easter holiday with your loved ones, as well!

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