Thursday, May 21, 2015

Family Update

Sometimes I find myself getting so caught up in the many reviews and giveaways I have to catch up on that I forget to blog simply just to blog. I forget about the updates and fun exciting things happening or adventures we go on that I love to share with all of you. So, since a family update is long overdue, here goes!

I'm not quite sure where to begin! Our family has see a lot of changes over the past year! Personally, I have gone through a divorce, finished yet another semester towards my Bachelor's degree, and grown as an individual and mother. I have seen some of the roughest times of my life this past year, but it has only shown me so much about myself and helped shape me into the woman I am continually becoming with each passing day, month, and year. I have seen really just how much I can handle and still overcome. I have come out only stronger and wiser on the other side of it all. I now have a new partner in my life, someone I only thought was possible in my dreams or in movies. The kids and I are so unbelievably lucky to have Jeff in our lives and it truly feels like our little family was always meant to be together in this way. 

Connor and Merasia are finishing their first year of real school in kindergarten! They switched schools at the beginning of the month and it has been an awesome switch for them! They take the bus to school every morning and they just love it. They feel like real big kids getting to wait in our driveway alone and get on the bus all by themselves. After school they take the bus to daycare, as I'm usually still at work or at class. Merasia is excelling in school! She is right on target with everything, which makes me so proud. Connor is struggling a bit and I am thinking about having him repeat kindergarten because I just don't think he is ready to move on yet, but we will see what happens. He is still so smart in so many ways, he just learns very differently than his sister or other kids his age. I am so proud of both of them and can't believe they will be first graders in just two more weeks!

Mason started preschool this year, only a couple mornings a week. He is doing so well in it and loves going. It's at the same school as his older siblings and their classrooms are right across the hall from each other so that makes it easier too. Mason was a little nervous for his first day but Connor and Merasia showed him the ropes and stayed with him until he felt more comfortable and he has been fine ever since! He loves making new friends and learning new things and getting the feel for real school. I can't believe another year and he will be off to kindergarten too! He has come a long way this year and is the sweetest little thing ever! He has definitely found his independence this year and asserts himself very well, which makes me proud. But deep down, he is still my baby boy, sweet little Mason. He is all boy, loves digging in the dirt and finding worms and other grubs or bugs to hold and play with. He is mischievous but so fun and still has his great sense of humor!

And then there's Kendall. Sweet, sweet tootie. She is a total BLAST. This girl amazes me every day! She never stops talking and the words and sentences she is coming out with every day is just amazing! Se is learning so much and learning it all so fast! She is fun loving, hilarious, and the sweetest little thing you will ever meet! I cannot say that enough! She never ceases to keep a smile on our faces and laughter on our lips. I've never had the time to really enjoy any of my kids at 2 years old, because I have either been pregnant and ready to pop, or just had a newborn, so I have been exhausted and wrapped up in all of that. To enjoy this time now with her has been amazing, and I am soaking up every little second!

All in all, we are all doing so well! Everyone is ending the school year in just a couple of weeks and our summer will be full of fun with beach trips, hikes, trips up to our camp, amusement parks, road trips, and other adventures, all full of love while making such sweet memories as a new little family. 

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