Saturday, February 6, 2010

We Have A....


Yep, that's right!! Merasia is WALKING!!!!! I have been waiting MONTHS for this!!!! It will make my life sooo much easier when I am alone and have to go to the store, run errands, etc. She can hold my hand and walk, and I can carry Connor until he starts walking!

It all started the other night. She would pull herself up to stand on our bed (she's done this for mooooonnnnttthhhssss!), and then take about 2 steps from the side of the bed to daddy, sitting in his chair a few inches from the bed. She did that all that night, back and forth, back and forth. The next day, alllll day, she did that, and then added a step and would walk from the chair to the bureau a few inches away from the chair. She would take a few steps, and then either fall, sit down, or grab something to balance and steady herself.

And now, she walks alllll the time. She even walked outside with me earlier today! Granted, it was a couple of steps in her fancy new boots, but it was walking, regardless. :-) She actually took 4 or 5 steps at my friend's house today, which is the most she has done yet! She's not running all over the house, but she is taking steps any chance she can get, and will walk with someone if we hold her hand and walk with her. It's the cutest thing!!

Every new milestone she reaches makes me cry. It seems like we wait FOREVER for them to meet a "special" milestone such as crawling, sitting up, talking, walking...and sometimes we feel like it will NEVER happen, and then, in an instant, it does and it's the most amazing experience of our life...

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Margaret said...

How exciting:) Yay for a walker!