Saturday, June 19, 2010

Following the Crowd...

Upon the very good advice of one of my lovely followers, I have followed the crowd and joined the ranks of Twitter! Yep, it's official. I tweet now. ;-)

I agree with Ashley, who recommended this for me, in that it will add something else for all of you to do when I hold giveaways, and will probably help me gain more exposure as a blogger and more followers. So, that convinced me. :-)

I haven't used it much recently, but I am sure I will as time goes's such a busy time for us right now!

Anyway, look me up! @mama2multiples


1 comment:

Ashley R said...

Yay! I follow you now on twitter! This should help you A LOT!

Who won the Tiny Ducks giveaway BTW? Did you pick a winner yet?? I'm looking forward to your Muchie Mug giveaway!