Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pumpkin Carving and Halloween (Photo Heavy!) :-)

This year, the twins were older for Halloween, and able to have more fun with it. Last year was fun too, since we dressed them up and took them out trick or treating as a lion and a spider, but this year was a blast, as I am sure future years will be too. :-)

For started, we got a couple of pumpkins the night before Halloween and set to work carving them. DH wanted to cook some pumpkin seeds and I wanted to get some pics of the kids digging into the pumpkin guts and exploring everything. They got into it and got their hands dirty and help get the gross-ness out while mama stayed behind the camera. :-) Here's some photos of the kids getting their hands dirty:

Checking out the pumpkins:

 Checking out the carved pumpkin...

 Clapping for a job well done! ;-)

Trying to pick up the pumpkins! LOL

Of course, Connor thinks anything that is circular a ball. So the entire night while carving the pumpkins...all we heard was "BA-BALL!!"

Gotta love him!

The next day we dressed the kids up and went to the local mall, where they were having "Malloween." It was PACKED, but the kids trick or treated in the stores, and we tried to get in line for the costume contest, but the judges didn't even LOOK in our direction! They looked at the few people right in front of them, despite the fact that everyone else standing in front of them were in the competition as well. But oh well. Had they seen the twins, I am sure they would have won for the "Most Cutest" category. I mean, come on! Twins. Peter Pan and Tinker Bell. They GO together. How can you pass that one up? ;-)

After we left there we grabbed some dinner and met up with my mom and friends to go trick or treating, despite the fact that it was sprinkling snow and freeeeeeezzzzzzzing outside! We got home at a good time, and the kids were EXHAUSTED! I tried to get a few pics of me with them and daddy with them, but these are the best I could get with the moods they were in:

Connor wasn't crying in this last pic...he was actually laughing, despite the look on his face LOL

And I have already decided on their costumes for next year...all THREE of them! Connor will be the tin man or the scare crow from the Wizard of Oz...not sure which quite yet. Merasia will be Dorothy, of course, and Mason will be the lion, so he'll be bundled up all warm and cuddly! :-)

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