Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A (Not So Happy) Easter

Easter this year was a bust. Connor and Merasia were both sick a nasty stomach bug! It started Saturday morning. Connor woke up like normal, and had a few sips of his milk. Hubs yelled to me from the bathroom and said something was wrong with Connor. He couldn't get to him as he was busy, but I ran out to see what was wrong and it seemed like he was trying to cough something up. He seemed fine seconds later, and then a few minutes after that threw up a tiny bit, but it wasn't food, it was watery. TMI, I know. LOL We thought he may have swallowed something he shouldn't have (a coin, etc.) even though he knows better. We asked him if he did, and he said yes, but as with most toddlers, he doesn't completely understand yes from no. We decided to go get him checked at the ER because if he had swallowed something, he needed care ASAP. We realized on our way to the hospital that things weren't as they seemed when Connor projectile vomited curdled milk alllll over himself, his coat, and his car seat. We cleaned him up as best we could and I thought ahead and brought a few changes of clothes, so we changed him and continued on to the hospital. He was fine the rest of the time, acting normal, running around, and playing and talking. The doctor who saw him figured he was getting sick and prescribed some anti nausea pills and said if he didn't throw up for 6-8 hours, to try normal food again, give half a pill as needed, and lots of clear fluids. He said he could do normal activity though, so we went ahead with our normal plans of finishing up Easter shopping out of town since he seemed so normal and fine. We chalked it up to some bad milk we had found that leaked in our fridge (we gave it to the kids before we realized it had leaked some), or some other not-so-good food from a friend's house the night before. We were WAY naive in thinking that! As we almost got to the mall, an hour from home, Connor threw up again in the car. We cleaned him up again and since we were already at the mall, decided to quickly get our last minute shopping done and get out and home asap. At first the twins were going to stay in the car with daddy, but they started freaking when they saw I was getting out and going away, so we all had to go in. And, of course, Connor threw up while in the store. We were prepared with a plastic bag so we caught it all. We got our stuff done, skipped seeing the Easter bunny, and hurried home. We were supposed to go to my sister in laws for Easter dinner that night, and decided we'd still go ahead with that since she is a nurse and would be very helpful with Connor being sick, and he could rest there. We gave him half of an anti nausea tablet, and he threw up once or twice more while at my sister in laws. She gave him a bath, we gave him Tylenol, and he rested there. Merasia, at this time, was still her bubbly self. She was running around, playing, chatting away, and ate a great dinner of green beans, mashed potatoes, etc. Well, all of that came up an hour or two later when she suddenly caught the bug herself. Around this same time, the diarrhea started for Connor. They got their Easter baskets from their aunt. Connor came around to his normal self at this time, and was playing with his toys and things, but Merasia still felt crappy. Eventually we managed to get home. Both of the twins slept with daddy on the fold out couch. The next day, they were both still so sick. They didn't care much for the goodies we bought them or the eggs we "hid" around the house. They spent all day on the fold out bed, and we spent all day changing nasty diarrhea diapers, applying tons of butt paste to their poor, sore little bums, taking temperatures, administering Tylenol, and so on. That afternoon, Mason and I went to my mom's for Easter dinner with my sisters and family. When we got home, Merasia's fever reached 103.4! Though they hadn't thrown up since the day before, they also hadn't eaten anything other than popsicles, so there was nothing to throw up, really. Their fevers were considerably better the next day and we figured they were on the mend. Now, 4 days after they first got sick, Merasia is definitely better. No fever, no throwing up since Saturday night, and no diarrhea since Monday morning. She has kept down pizza, a sandwich, cookies, crackers, etc. Connor, on the other hand, is a different story. He kept down pizza last night, but this morning had a few gummy fruit snacks, and threw those up a couple hours later while in the car. He threw up more of those while in another store, and we found some anti nausea syrup stuff to give him that seemed to work great for the rest of his day. The sandwich he had for dinner tonight, however, came up a few times after we got home. :-( Hopefully another good day in bed and with no real solids besides dry toast or saltines will make him completely better!

So, needless to say, Easter was a bust this year. I had an adorable dress for Merasia, and a cute outfit for Connor, and visions of them happily searching for and finding Easter eggs with all the goodies packed inside, and going through the goodies packed into their baskets. But that didn't happen. Oh well. There's always next year. :-)

Here are some photos I did manage to get, even with sick babies:

This was taken the day after Easter:

They decided to switch baskets Easter morning, LOL:

Mason the Easter bunny!

Mason, all ready for Easter dinner with mommy's family! :-)
 This was Easter night.....

 ...And the morning after Easter...

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