Saturday, June 13, 2015

Kendall Turns 2!

My youngest baby officially turned 2 over the weekend. Can you believe it?! I can't either.

It seems like only yesterday she came screaming and flying (almost literally) into this crazy world and our crazy life. I wouldn't trade one second of the last two years with this precious angel for anything else in this world.

Sunday morning the girls all slept in which was unusual for them, but they must have been pooped out from the late night bed time the night before! (The boys were having a sleep over at a friend's house). The birthday girl woke up and munched on some watermelon and strawberries for breakfast. 

THAT FACE!! (She understood it was her birthday) ;-)

The rest of the morning was full of setting up tables and chairs, mama picking up the bounce house and getting all of the food prepped and set out, and waiting for our guests to arrive!

In true birthday girl fashion, Kendall was the first to get to enter the bounce house and have a little fun in it by herself. 

All of the kids jumped and played in the bounce house while everyone had some munchies and mingled a bit before it was time for our Tootie to dig in to her gifts!

She scored with presents. She got a tricycle, a balance bike, two new babies, a diaper bag with supplies for her baby, a Frozen book, a puzzle, a new bathing suit, her very own beach towel, sand and beach toys, a penguin backpack (she's obsessed with ducks and this is the closest we could find),  and a new ride along/push car that she absolutely loves.

We had a super cute pink camo/hunting/country girl themed cake. The lady I have make our cakes is soooo amazing at what she does and has some super reasonable prices. I personally feel that the cake is the centerpiece of the party, so that is the one area I tend to "splurge" a little on. It has just been "my thing" since the twins were very young. 

I chose the pink camo design from a cake I found online, suggested a couple subtle changes to it, and Jeff's idea was the deer antlers placed around it (being the country boy hunter he is!). It turned out so great and we decided to use her nickname she has had since she was a baby, Tootie, rather than Kendall. So cute, right?! Kendall had been practicing blowing out her candles for days leading up to her party, and she did it all by herself when the big moment came! 

A bit after the cake was served, guests slowly began leaving. The only people that stayed around for a while afterwards were my best friend Jenn and her three little ones, and Jeff's mom, who had come up from New Hampshire the night before and spent the night with us to help us set up for the party. The birthday girl desperately needed to get a little nap in as she was slowly starting to melt down so while she caught up on some beauty sleep, we set up the sprinkler and let all of the other kids have some water fun in the hot sun for the rest of the afternoon.

Before we knew it, it was time for the kiddos to go to their dad's for the night as usual on Sundays. It was such a fun filled day with good friends and family, celebrating our precious angel Tootie. I can't believe that we really celebrated her 2nd birthday, it feels so surreal to me. Now we can take a little break from birthdays for a while though, and just enjoy the summer and all that we have planned! Concerts, hikes, beach trips, bike rides, amusement parks, and so much more! This will no doubt be one our busiest but best summers yet!

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