Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Our One Year Anniversary!

Jeff and I recently celebrated our one year anniversary together! I can't believe that a year has gone by already since this amazing, beautiful, respectful, incredible man came into my life!

This was the first photo we ever took together almost a year ago:

Since then, we have shared so many experiences together and have begun an amazing, beautiful life together. Several months ago I saw that Bryan Adams was coming near us for his 30th anniversary tour. I surprised Jeff with tickets, since the concert was 2 days before our anniversary. That was last weekend, and it was such a blast!

We began the weekend with driving to Jeff's mom's house in Plainfield, New Hampshire since she was going to be watching the kiddos for us for the night while we were gone to the concert. We spent the day at the local playground there and enjoying each other before we said goodbye to the babies to head out for some rare but nice alone grown up time. 

The first thing we did before the concert was get checked in and settled into our motel room/mini apartment suite that Jeff's mom had paid for and surprised us with. It was right on the lake and a walking distance from the concert, which was great for avoiding the awful traffic later that night leaving the show!

We went to the concert venue a couple of hours before the show was set to begin. It was at the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion, formerly known as Meadowbrook. It us such a fun, relaxing atmosphere there! It was my first time being there and Jeff's second, so he knew what to expect but it was all new for me. I loved it! There were things to walk around and check out, various food vendors to choose from, some games to play, drinks to be had, and a band playing as we waited. We walked around, enjoyed some drinks, and had a bite to eat before the show began. 

Before we knew it, the concert was starting. It was such a great show!

Jeff and I basically grew up on Bryan Adam's music, so we knew most of his songs and had a great time singing and dancing alone, and just enjoying the show in general. We had a quiet relaxing rest of the night after the show back at our motel room and spent the next day shopping before heading back to get the kids from Jeff's mom and eventually head back home to Vermont.

The next was our actual anniversary and we spent a quiet morning at home, where Jeff surprised me with a sweet little gift:

I love it! :) He knows just what I like and never ceases to amaze me! We spent the afternoon visiting a friend of ours and her new baby and then picked the kids up from their dad's house and had a nice evening together. 

I have loved every single second of this past year with Jeff and absolutely cannot wait to see what the next year and many many more has in store for us as a couple and us as a family!

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